Calvin Coolidge At Home In Northampton

A new book by local historian Susan Well

book cover image, Calvin Coolidge At Home in Northampton, by Susan Lewis Well

When Calvin Coolidge is mentioned, a few stereotypes come to mind -- quiet, if not silent; frugal, if not cheap; dignified, if not wooden. This work of local history describes the thirtieth president's seven homes in Northampton, Massachusetts, the people he roomed with, and neighbors he encountered -- set within the context of the small New England city where they lived. Which stereotypes are true or did those who knew him in this intimate way have a completely different view? Some of them have interesting insights about Coolidge, and all of them have fascinating life stories of their own.

Using original material from collections at the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Library and Museum, Well presents the daily life and residences of Calvin Coolidge in Northampton, Massachusetts. Well uses new sources to document the unique and interesting personal life stories of Coolidge’s landlords and neighbors. Most of the Museum’s visitors ask where the former President lived, and now we have a definitive answer for them. -- Julie H. Bartlett, Archivist

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Published by the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Library & Museum, Forbes Library

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