Edible Book Entry Registration

You can download the registration brochure and register by mail or register online by filling out the form below. If using the online form, please submit this form and also click the PayPal button to send your $10 registration fee.

  1. Your edible book is your interpretation of a book, either a specific title or a generic ‘book.’
  2. Go to www.books2eat.com or to the Edible Book Northampton Facebook Page for inspiration.
  3. Your entry must be 100% edible, and preferably fresh!
  4. The edible book should not be too large to carry and should be delivered on a solid surface.
  5. Please include a list of ingredients; and if a book inspired your creation, please bring a copy of the book if you can.
  6. Bring your creation to the parking lot entrance of Florence Civic Center, 90 Park St. between 12:30 and 1 pm, on Sunday, April 2.
  7. All entries will be judged and awards given to each entry in a variety of categories.
  8. Registration deadline: Thursday, March 30.
  9. Edible book entry fee is $10. Entering a book entitles you to one free entry to the event; admission for additional attendees is $5.
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