Use a library computer

This document describes the public use computers which can be found in the Reference Room and the Arts and Music department. Computers for children can be found in the Children’s Department.

  • To use a computer, sign in to an available computer with a library card or guest pass.
  • Guest passes are available at the reference desk. A photo id is required. Visitors without a library card or photo id may be allowed to use an express computer for 15 minutes, if available.
  • No reservation is necessary unless all computers are currently in use, or you have already been on a library computer for at least 180 minutes earlier the same day. It may be possible to get additional time after your first 180 minutes: you may talk to a librarian at the reference desk to get an additional session, if available.
  • Your sessions may be extended if no one is waiting. If you need an extension you may inquire at the reference desk — library staff may extend your time if no one is waiting. (A session cannot be extended once it has ended — please ask for an extension 5 minutes before your session expires.)
  • You may end your session at any time by clicking the “End Session” button.
  • The computers shut down at the end of your session. Any files you have downloaded or created and any personal information you entered will be deleted.

Prohibited Uses

The following uses of library computers are prohibited:

  • Using a library card number or a guest pass other than your own
  • Bypassing library time management or security software
  • Destruction of, damage to, or alteration of library equipment, software, or network security
  • Violating the library’s Internet Use Policy

Violation of this agreement will result in loss of computer privileges.