Welcome to the Anna Gertrude Brewster Children’s Room!
We are located on the basement level of Forbes Library with a separate side entrance and garden.

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What We Do

The Children’s Room Collection has over 28,000 items including:

  • Picture Books
  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Reference Books
  • World Languages
  • Magazines
  • Videos and DVDs
  • Audio Books on Cassette, CD, & Playaway
  • Music CDs
  • Parenting Books, Videos & DVDs
  • Video Games and Computer Games
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We offer reference assistance to children and parents. The staff are happy to help you find whatever you are looking for. Whether it be for homework or just for fun, please don’t be shy! Ask your librarian!!



Programs & Events

The Children’s Department sponsors programs and activities for children and teens, including summer reading, movies, story time, crafts, and animal programs. Visit our “Programs” page for more information and check our events out on the calendar.

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Computers & Internet

Patrons can use our computers to search the library catalog. Kids under the age of 14 may sign-up in the Children’s Room to use the internet for half an hour. And please remember to be safe while surfing the internet!

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Toys & Games

The Children’s Department has a great selection of toys to play with any time you visit. Board games are available too. We have all the classics including Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, Chutes & Ladders, Life, Twister, and many more!


Drop-In Art Table

Available daily, kids and parents are welcome to wander over to our art table to color, do crafts, complete puzzles, and play card games.
The art table is also our quick snack area!

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Learn all about our friend Paco!

Paco, the Library fish

…is a pacu (aka colossoma brachypomus.)

…is from the characidae family – cousin of the piranha.

…comes from the Amazon region in South America and also some places in Central America.

…swims in fresh water.

Paco can eat anything. Normally an herbivore, Paco will eat small fish or shrimp, and loooves treats like strawberries and bananas.

Believe it or not, Paco is almost THIRTY years old!!

Although related to the piranha, Paco is naturally peaceful and friendly.

Come on downstairs when you’re at the library!!

Together We Sponsor a Farm Animal!

The Forbes Library Children’s & Young Adult Department is seeking support for an abandoned pygmy goat named Simon through the Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, New York. Simon will be our official Library Goat.

Simon was a seven-pound baby pygmy goat who was found wandering the streets of Brooklyn, NY. Simon was underweight, cold, alone, and scared, and was suffering from severe pneumonia, lice infestation, sore mouth, and giardia when a caring woman found him and took him to an animal shelter in New York City.

Someone at the shelter called Farm Sanctuary’s New York City office, and Simon was brought to our upstate New York Shelter. He loves his new home, and after receiving multiple antibiotic treatments and tons of love, he quickly recovered. Simon now spends his days frolicking and grazing with his two new goat pals, Zoop and Juniper, in their own special barn and pasture. The Farm Sanctuary needs help to buy food for Simon and to keep him healthy.