Kindle your interest in reading!

Now you can check out a Kindle from the Forbes Library!

Similar to a PDA or e-book reader, Kindle is a convenient, portable reading device with the ability to wirelessly download books. The Kindle is lighter and thinner than a typical paperback. It uses a new display technology called "electronic paper" which is as sharp and natural as reading ink on paper. You can even adjust the size of the type! There is no glare and the screen is not backlit as with a traditional computer monitor.

Borrowers must have a valid adult library card from Forbes or another C/WMARS library to check out the Kindle. It can be borrowed for two weeks and patrons may download a single new book to the Kindle for free. Over time, this builds a patron driven collection as each circulation adds one title to the device. Patrons can choose from over 115,000 titles.

"It's exciting to have so many books in such a small lightweight package," said Library Director Janet Moulding after road-testing the Kindle. "It's quick and convenient and can go anywhere." Assistant Director Lisa Downing raved about how comfortable it is to hold and read. "I think it's amazing that books download in under one minute," she said. "And the screen is very pleasing and soothing on the eyes."

The library will maintain a waiting list of patrons who would like to borrow the Kindle. For more information, contact the Forbes Library at 587-1013.

More information about the Amazon Kindle