Midnight to Midnight

Northampton's self-portrait in 48 hours

What is Midnight to Midnight: Northampton's Self Portrait in 48 Hours?

Historic Northampton, in collaboration with the Northampton Camera Club and Forbes Library, invite the people of Northampton to photograph the city -- its people, places and events -- for two days: Friday, May 2nd and Saturday, May 3rd. Photographs will then be submitted to the Northampton 48 Hours website over the following week. Digital slide shows will be presented at Historic Northampton, the Forbes Library, the A.P.E. Gallery, and at other locations to be announced. Historic Northampton and Forbes Library will select photographs for their permanent collections based on both historical interest and photographic quality.

Why do this?

We will have a record of Northampton in 2014. After all, things change and sometimes disappear. Last year we lost the Kollmorgen building on King Street. Northampton Lumber and Bakery Normand closed.

It will produce social capital. Just by looking around more carefully one becomes aware of all the many different things that are here and the wide range of endeavors by the citizens of Northampton. Participating in Midnight to Midnight with other people will start relationships and build on existing ones.

It is fun.


Anyone can participate. There are no restrictions.

What Kind of Photographs?

One can use any sort of camera: cell phone, point and shoot, DSLR, but the submitted images must be digital and in jpg format. If you use a cell phone please send us as high-resolution photos as you can. Historic Northampton, the Forbes Library, and the Northampton Camera Club will choose which photographs to exhibit. We plan to show many, many photos. The photographs must be of Northampton. Let your imagination inform your choice of subject. Naturally we want images that can be identified as belonging to Northampton. Each person can submit up to 12 photos. Specific subjects we hope to include in the digital record are suggested in the list below. No files will be accepted after midnight, Saturday, May 10, 2014.

The file for a single photo can have up to 25 MB of data. Each image file must have the name of the author and the date that the photograph was taken. We also want to know where the photo was taken and a description of the subject of the photo.

Submission of photographs grants permission to Historic Northampton, Forbes Library, and the Northampton Camera Club to use the photographs in digital and printed shows, to display them on a publicly accessible website, to use them in publicity, and to store them permanently in a digital archive. Individual photographers retain all other rights to their own photos.


There are several ways to submit your images to Midnight to Midnight: Northampton's Self Portrait in 48 Hours.
  • You can use a web site dedicated to "Midnight to Midnight" that is connected to Historic Northampton's webpage. Its URL is http://www.historic-northampton.org/northampton48hours.html
    Details: Set camera for high quality jpg.
    Set jpg for "standard" color, contrast, sharpening. Do not use settings that enhance the image. For example, do not use "vivid color" or "high sharpening." We prefer that you keep the image in standard color rather than black & white. Please do not use any special effects.
    Upload one jpg photo at a time.
    If you are able to rename your photo files, please use the format YourName_#, for example CalvinCoolidge_1 or SophiaSmith_3
  • You can go help sessions at Historic Northampton and at the Forbes Library, where members of the Northampton Camera Club will help you to download your photos for "Midnight to Midnight." These sessions will be held
    a: In the Community Room at Forbes Library, 20 West Street, on Wednesday May 7 from 2PM to 6PM.
    b: At Historic Northampton, 46 Bridge Street, on Friday May 9 from 10AM to Noon.
  • You may submit images from mobile devices such as cell phones, smart phones, and ipads, by e-mailing them to: Northampton48@gmail.com
    In the body of the email, Include your name, where the photo was taken, a brief descriptive caption for the photo, and names of people in the photos if you have them.
    If you are able to, rename your photo files. Please use the format YourName_#, for example CalvinCoolidge_1 or SophiaSmith_3

All images must be submitted after 12:01 AM on May 2 and before 11:59 PM on May 10.

After the slide shows, Historic Northampton and Forbes Library will select photos for their permanent collections based on both historical interest and photographic quality.

Suggested Subjects & Topics

  • Buildings -- historic, new, repurposed, derelict, or in danger of being lost
  • Business, commerce & manufacturing -- Downtown street scenes (including Florence), shops, shopkeepers, trades people, advertising, factories, businesses
  • Education -- students, teachers, classrooms, schools, new citizen programs
  • Food -- vegetable gardening, farmers' market, preparing food, restaurants, cafés
  • Government & politics -- city council or other meetings, candidates, campaigns, demonstrations, community organizing and activism, municipal workers
  • Heritage -- Contributions and accomplishments of individuals or groups, cultural organizations or nonprofits.
  • Home & family - Houses, families and family life (Keywords: home, family)
  • Leisure & sports -- People in leisure pursuits, including hobbies and sports
  • Open space -- Parks, rail trail, walking paths
  • Schools
  • Places of worship
  • Landfill & conservation areas
  • Gardening, community gardens
  • Graffiti
  • Arts and artists -- people engaged in any type of art activity (visual arts, performing arts, street art, etc.)
  • Shops & businesses of all sorts: include the owners & employees outside the business as well as inside.
  • Libraries: Forbes, Lilly
  • Street and alley scenes
  • Pedal people
  • Hospital Hill
  • Three County Fairgrounds
  • Train & Bus Station
  • Farms -- agriculture
  • The Meadows
  • The Airport
  • Veterans' Clubs
  • Cemeteries


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