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by Harlen Coben
Eight years after his beloved wife, Elizabeth, was supposedly murdered by a serial killer, Beck receives information that suggests she may still be alive, but his search for the truth could mean setting himself up as the prime suspect in a number of crimes.

by Michael Connelly
Join LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch as he solves mysteries.

by Robert Crais
When a wealthy entrepreneur is accused of murdering his girlfriend in Los Angeles, wisecracking private eye Elvis Cole is hired to prove that the evidence was tampered with and becomes suspicious about the defense attorney's motivations.

by John Sandford
The story of a professional hit woman for the Mafia in Minneapolis. She is hired to eliminate the wife of a man a woman desires. A policeman dies in the process and detective Lucas Davenport goes after her.

by James W. Hall
Confirmed loner Thorn solves mysteries in these adventures.

by Stephen Hunter
Marine corps master sniper Bob Lee Swagger faces villians, deals with family issues, and lives an action packed life all while remaining a true American hero.

by Michael McGarrity
Ex-chief of detectives for the Santa Fe PD, Kevin Kerney goes back to work when his ex-partner asks him to locate his son, but the investigation soon leads to his own past as he delves deep into the history of the region and into a web of murder, treason, and smuggling

by Robert B. Parker
Spenser and Hawk, in an uneasy undercover alliance with federal law-enforcement agents, search for Susan Silverman, who is somehow involved with the son of a man the government wants dead.

by Richard Barre
As a Vietnamese man suffers the loss of his son at sea in a fierce storm, investigator Wil Hardesty, also dealing with the death of his own son, takes the case when the man expresses concern that his death was not an accident.

by Archer Mayor
Police Officer Joe Gunther solves murders, set in Brattleboro Vermont.

by Adrian McKinty
Appointed by a crime boss to lead a gang of Irish thugs against rival powers in Harlem and the Bronx, young illegal immigrant Michael Forsythe falls out of favor when he seduces his employer's daughter and finds himself betrayed and harboring a desperate plan to avenge himself

by John Burdett
Bangkok policeman Sonchai Jitplecheep investigates the murder of an African American Marine sergeant and the subsequent death of his partner, making his way through a world of illicit drugs and corruption to find a vicious killer.

by Elmore Leonard
A prison break in South Florida brings together two different people--federal marshal Karen Sisco and bank robber Jack Foley--as their mutual fascination leads them to the heist of the year in Detroit and a confrontation with vicious and brutal criminalsspecializing in home invasion.

by James Lee Burke
Ex-New Orleans cop Dave Robicheaux comes up against Native Americans, oil company roughnecks, and Mafia honchos on the rugged Montana landscape.

by Barry Eisler
Trying to end his career as a hired assassin, Japanese American John Rain goes underground, only to be approached by Japanese FBI agent Tatsu to eliminate a sociopathic killer who could tip the balance of power in Japan toward the mafia.

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