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* [[Make Smoking History: The Massachusetts Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Program ->]]\\
Includes general resources and information about smoking cessation, as well as information that is specific to Massachusetts residents. This website provides information about public and private health insurance coverage for smoking cessation programs in Massachusetts.\\\

* [[ ->]]\\
A webpage with resources to help people quit smoking. Created by The Tobacco Control Research Branch of the National Cancer Institute.
** [[ Quit Guide App ->]]\\
A link to's smoking cessation app for iPhone.\\\

* [[Stay Away From Tobacco ->]]\\
A webpage created by the American Cancer society that includes links to various resources to help individuals quit smoking. This page also includes a link to information about how to help a friend or family member quit smoking.\\\

* [[Bay State Medical Smoking Cessation Programs ->]]\\
General information about smoking cessation methods, as well as local smoking cessation courses offered in Greenfield.\\\

* [[WebMD's Smoking Cessation Page ->]]\\
Includes information about methods to quit smoking, health benefits associated with quitting, recent news related to smoking cessation, as well as message boards for individuals who are trying to quit.\\\

* [[Become an EX Program ->]]\\
A free program designed to help people "relearn life without cigarettes."\\\

* [[Freedom From Smoking ->]]\\
An online course offered by the American Lung Association, designed to provide information and resources for adults who want to quit smoking. The membership options are $15 for three months, or $40 for one year.  Although this not a free program, there is free-trial option for those who want to try it before purchasing a membership.

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