Subject Guides Directories

Use these directories to find contact information for people and businesses.

Online white or yellow pages. Look up businesses or people.

International Telephone Directories
Links to phone numbers throughout the world.

European Business Directory Yellow Pages
Phone numbers for 90,000 European Businesses. Can be used in 25 languages.

Verizon's online phone directory.

AT&T's online phone directory. Search white and yellow pages, find toll free and international numbers.
Same as your phone book, only better! Use to search for people across the country.

International Dialing Codes
If you need to make a phone call to someone in another country and you are not quite sure how to dial the number, then this service should hopefully help you.

WhoWhere (Lycos)

Yahoo! People Search

A directory of company phone numbers with rated according to average wait time and with instructions on how to get a real person as quickly as possible.

Melissa DATA free lookups
Tools for working with addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, demographics, and more.

Area Code Locations

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