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The online counterpart to Click and Clack's radio show, there's tons of information here about car repairs, test drive reports, safety, trends plus plenty of entertaining asides.
Information on the selection and safe installation of child safety restraints, including carseats, as well as vehicle safety, an expansive carseat FAQ and a discussion forum on child restraint issues.

Emissions and Fuel Economy
Vehicle and Equipment Information From the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Information on automobile safety, testing results, regulations and standards, and research and development. Of particular interest are searchable databases on recalls, technical service bulletins, consumer complaints, and compliance investigations.
Information on fuel economy and tools for calculating MPG and comparing fuel economy between different vehicles. Also includes information on alternative fuels, tax incentives, and other related information. From the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy.
Green Vehicle Guide: Written for consumers to help them choose environmentally friendly vehicles, this site "rates only environmental performance when the vehicle is in use" using emission levels and fuel economy values as criteria. From the United States Environmental Protection Agency.
The Union of Concerned Scientists site for information about hybrid cars. Includes a "Hybrid Scorecard", reviews, and other consumer information.


Massachusetts Driver's License
Information on driver's licenses from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. Includes various classes of licenses such as those needed for motorcycles, trucks, and buses. Note that out-of-state or foreign-licensed drivers MUST obtain a MA driver's license upon becoming a MA resident.

New and Used Car Values
Provides information about new and used cars and trucks and detailed Market Value estimates for used vehicles.
Similar to Edmunds, Kelley Blue Book provides new and used car reviews, and estimated trade-in or resale values. provides detailed research information about cars, new and used vehicles.
Online companion of the NADA "blue books" vehicle appraisal guides. Provides price information for new and used cars, classic cars, motorcycles, boats, recreational vehicles, motor homes, trailers, and other motor vehicles.
For a fee, Carfax can provide a title search and accident history on any vehicle. Search by VIN.

Searching Consumer Reports for free

Through the Library databases you can get access to the archive of Consumer Reports articles for free. Contains ratings on performance, reliability, safety, and more. Click here to start. If you have technical difficulties, call a librarian for help!

Automobile Industry
America On The Move
See how we got here. Transportation transformed America. Choose from these three interconnected routes to explore how transportation shaped our lives, landscapes, culture, and communities.
Automobile in American Life and Society
As an educational resource, it is also meant to be useful to students, educators, and members of the general public with an interest in the automobile’s many roles in American life and society.
NOVA/Car of the Future
Car talk guys search for the car of the future.
Horatio's Drive-America's First Road Trip
The first travel coast to coast in a horseless carriage.
Model T Road Trip
Follow one fictional family's adventures in the summer of 1919 as recorded by the daughter as the family shops for, buys, drives and plans a vacation in a new Model T. See also the Showroom of Automotive History:

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