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GLBT-themed fiction from the last 10 years, compiled by Ruth Spurlock. Summaries from Content Café, NoveList, and October 2010.

  • I Say a Little Prayer
    by E. Lynn Harris
    Chauncey Greer, the bisexual owner of a thriving card company in Atlanta, is inspired to pursue his old dream of a musical career, a career that had ended in scandal thanks to a teenage love affair with his fellow bandmate in a popular boy band.
  • Lois Lenz: Lesbian Secretary
    by Monica Nolan
    A campy parody of 1950s pulp fiction. Spending her days in the cutthroat typing pool and her nights at the all-women's residence of Magdalena Arms, Lois had no idea she was entering a world of working girls whose passionate desires--and fabulous fashion sense--could lead any innocent lamb astray.
  • Trans-Sister Radio
    by Christopher Bohjalian
    With her daughter about to leave for college, fortysomething Alison Banks enrolls in a local college course to take her mind off things and finds herself falling for her instructor, Dana, a man who later confides that he wants to have a sex-change operation.
  • The Education of Hopey Glass
    by Jamie Hernandez
    A stand-alone installment in the Locas universe finds Ray diligently pursuing a dysfunctional would-be actress through a series of counter-culture arenas in spite of his lingering feelings for Maggie, while Hopey undergoes a series of personal, professional, and cosmetic changes.
  • The Hour Between
    by Sebastian Stuart
    Getting kicked out of one of Manhattan's best boys' school, Arthur McDougal is shipped off to the Spooner School in Connecticut where he meets Katrina Felt, the troubled daughter of a Hollywood star, and struggles with his own sexuality.
  • The Family Man
    by Elinor Lipman
    Reunited with his long-lost stepdaughter by an ex-wife's hysterical plea for help, gay lawyer Henry Archer allows the young woman to move into his basement, where she reluctantly poses as the girlfriend of a down-on-his-luck former sitcom star.
  • Selfish and Perverse
    by Bob Smith
    Feeling trapped in his job as a script supervisor for a low-rated late-night sketch show, Nelson Kinker struggles with writer's block, his single status, and his developing homosexuality before meeting a salmon fisherman and an alluring celebrity.
  • Changing Tides
    by Michael Thomas Ford
    Ford bridges the gap between gay romance and mainstream fiction in his latest. Divorced dad Ben Ransome, a marine biologist less in tune with drylanders than with those in the ocean, gets reacquainted with his 16-year-old daughter in Monterey, California.
  • Exiles in America
    by Christopher Bram
    Having shared a partnership with psychiatrist Zack for more than twenty years, college art instructor Daniel begins an affair with a married Iranian painter, a situation that turns explosive when the painter's brother, a high-ranking member of the Iranian government, arrives for a visit with the FBI in tow.
  • Call Me by Your Name
    by André Aciman
    The sudden and powerful attraction between a teenage boy and a summer guest at his parents' house on the Italian Riviera has a profound and lasting influence that will mark them both for a lifetime.
  • Landing
    by Emma Donoghue
    Over the course of a year, the lives of two women--Sile, a flight attendant and world traveler, and Jude, a young archivist stubbornly attached to the town of Ireland, Ontario--intersect, in a story that reveals the joys and sorrows of a long-distance relationship.
  • Drag King Dreams
    by Leslie Feinberg
    A follow-up to Stone Butch Blues finds East Village bouncer-turned-bartender Max Rabinowitz struggling through a mid-life crisis in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, experiencing outrage at the wars in the Middle East, and rediscovering her activist spirit after the death of a cross-dresser friend.
  • Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café
    by Fannie Flagg
    Cleo Threadgood, 86, shares a lifetime of memories of Whistle Stop, AL, where the social scene centered on its one café with Evelyn Couch, a younger woman who is looking for meaning in her life.
  • Hallowed Murder
    by Ellen Hart
    Lesbian amateur sleuth Jane Lawless and her sidekick Cordelia investigate the alleged drowning of University of Minnesota student and Kappa Alpha Sigma sister Allison Lord. This is the first of many mysteries in the Jane Lawless series.
  • The Night Watch
    by Sarah Waters
    A tale set in World War II London finds a rescue worker struggling for composure after a bombing, a young woman longing for her soldier lover, and a convict who watches a battle through the bars of his window.

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