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Selected fiction and nonfiction about women and rock and roll. September 2008.

  • Elvis and Me
    Priscilla Beaulieu Presley with Sandra Harmon
    The woman whom Elvis decided to marry when she was an innocent fourteen-year-old writes candidly about their twelve years together, about Elvis the husband and father, and about his drug-wracked decline and death.
  • Anchored in Love: An Intimate Portrait of June Carter Cash
    John Carter Cash
    Presents a life of the country music musician and songwriter, from her childhood performances as part of the Carter family singers to her relationship and marriage to Johnny Cash.
  • From the Heart
    June Carter Cash
    Presents a life of the country music musician and songwriter, from her childhood performances as part of the Carter family singers to her relationship and marriage to Johnny Cash.
  • Courtney Love: the real story
    Poppy Z. Brite
    A look into the life of rock singer Courtney Love examines her early life, time in reform school, work as a stripper in Asia, marriage, the death of her husband Kurt Cobain, the birth of her daughter, and her performing career.
  • Dirty Blonde: the diaries of Courtney Love
    researched and edited by Ava Stander
    A collection of candid and intensely personal diary entries, personal letters, song lyrics, poetry, and never-before-seen photographs record the highs and lows of Courtney Love.
  • She's a Rebel: the history of women in rock & roll
    Gillian G. Gaar; preface by Yoko Ono
    A retelling of rock history from the feminine perspective includes interviews, facts, lively personal anecdotes, and commentary on women's struggles in an industry long dominated by men and controlled by money.
  • Trouble Girls: the Rolling Stone book of women in rock
    edited by Barbara O'Dair
    Essays by leading music critics look at the most important female rock musicians, singers, and groups, with profiles of Bonnie Raitt, Carol King, Tina Turner, Janis Joplin, Madonna, and many others.
  • We Gotta Get Out of This Place: the true, tough story of women in rock
    Gerri Hirshey
    Chronicles the history of women in rock music, taking readers backstage to meet Bessie Smith, Mahalia Jackson, Debbie Harry, Patti Smith, Coutney Love, Cher, and Lauryn Hill.
  • Basket Case
    Carl Hiaasen
    Former investigative reporter Jack Tagger gets his chance to escape the doldrums of obituary writing as he investigates the supicious "accidental" death of rock star Jimmy Stoma, the infamous leader of Jimmy and the Slut Puppies, if he can escape his ambitious young editor, the star's widow, a brutish bodyguard, and the profit-hungry owner of his newspaper.
  • Woman: the incredible life of Yoko Ono
    Alan Clayson with Barb Jungr and Robb Johnson
    Chronicles the life of one of the most famous rock widows of all time.
  • John
    Cynthia Lennon
    The first wife of the English rock musician discusses their courtship, the early years of their marriage, the impact of the success of the Beatles on their relationship, their divorce, and her struggles as a single mother.
  • Wonderful Tonight: George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and me
    Pattie Boyd with Penny Junor
    The former wife of Beatle George Harrison and Eric Clapton describes her intimate relationship with two of the icons of rock music; her memories of the dynamic, often turbulent world of rock music during the 1960s and 1970s; and her role as a muse who inspired Harrison's song "Something" and Clapton's famed "Layla."
  • Rock Wives: the hard lives and good times of the wives, girlfriends, and groupies of rock and roll
    Victoria Balfour; photographs by Harvey Wang
    Tells the stories of the wives and lovers of famous rock stars, including Gail Zappa, Angie Bowie, Ingrid Croce, and Myra Lewis, and describes how they have coped with the rock lifestyle.
  • Angels Dance and Angels Die: the tragic romance of Pamela and Jim Morrison
    Patricia Butler; foreword by Jerry Hopkins
    Butler examines Jim Morrison's life, emphasizing his "cosmic mate"and common-law wife, Pamela Courson.

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