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If you loved Pride and Prejudice, or any of Jane Austen's novels, check out these books, movies, and websites about Jane Austen, sequels, adaptations, and parodies!

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Related Fiction

  • Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict
    by Laurie Viera Rigler
    Transported through time into Regency England, heartbroken Austen fan Courtney Stone is forced to live the discouragingly difficult life of a nineteenth-century woman and finds herself experiencing memories that are not her own.
  • Jane Austen Ruined My Life
    by Beth Pattillo
    Professor Emma Grant travels to England to examine what are reputedly lost letters of Jane Austen and, after renewing her acquaintance with old friend, Adam Clark, must sort out her feelings about love and identity.
  • The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen
    by Syrie James
    The discovery of an old chest in the attic of the Austen family home reveals secrets about Jane's private romantic life and the inspiration of her beloved works.
  • The Jane Austen Book Club
    by Karen Joy Fowler
    As six Californians get together to form a book club to discuss the novels of JaneAusten, their lives are turned upside down by troubled marriages, illicit affairs, changing relationships, and love.
    (Also see the Movies section for the 2007 film based on this book!)
  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
    the classic Regency romance -- now with ultraviolent zombie mayhem!]]
    by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith
    As a mysterious plague falls upon the village of Meryton and zombies start rising from the dead, Elizabeth Bennett is determined to destroy the evil menace, but becomes distracted by the arrival of the dashing and arrogant Mr. Darcy.
  • Lost in Austen: Create Your Own Jane Austen Adventure
    by Emma Campbell Webster
    An interactive novel in which the reader determines the course of action and outcome brings together the beloved characters from some of Jane Austen's most beloved works, as a young Austen heroine negotiates a complex maze of romance, scandal, deceit, betrayal, marriage, and more to find true love.
  • Jane and the Barque of Frailty: Being a Jane Austen Mystery
    by Stephanie Barron
    One of the latest in the Jane Austen Mystery series. In April 1811, while staying with her brother and his wife in London to await the publication of her first novel, Sense and Sensibility, Jane Austen finds herself deep in the heart of a conspiracy with its roots in the French Revolution when she investigates the murder of a disgraced woman rumored to be the mistress of Lord Castlereagh.
  • Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife: Pride and Prejudice Continues
    by Linda Berdoll
    In Berdoll's wild, bawdy, and utterly enjoyable novel, the Darcys begin their married life as one of the happiest, most in-love couples imaginable. Berdoll picks up the story after their wedding, but flashes back to the days after the courtship, when Elizabeth and Darcy's passion for each other grew stronger. After a spicy wedding night, the couple finds their compatibility extends far beyond their matched wits.
  • Jane Bites Back
    by Michael Thomas Ford
    Alive and well as a vampire in the modern world, literary master Jane Austen anonymously runs a bookshop in sleepy upstate New York but despairs of publishing a centuries-old manuscript that has been rejected dozens of times, a situation that is further compromised when she falls in love.
  • Murder at Mansfield Park
    by Lynn Shepherd
    A retelling of the classic novel transforms Fanny Price into a spoiled, condescending, and hateful heiress and Mary Crawford into a sweet-natured neighbor who comes into her own when Fanny is murdered.

Graphic Novels

  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: the graphic novel
    by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith
    adapted by Tony Lee
    illustrated by Cliff Richards
    It is known as "the strange plague" and its unfortunate victims are referred to only as "unmentionables" or "dreadfuls." All over England, the dead are rising again, and now even the daughters of Britain's best families must devote their lives to mastering the deadly arts. Elizabeth Bennet is a fearsome warrior whose ability with a sword is matched only by her quick wit and even sharper tongue. But she faces her most formidable foe yet in the haughty, conceited, and somehow strangely attractive Mr. Darcy.
  • Pride & Prejudice
    Nancy Butler, writer; Hugo Petrus, artist; Alejandro Torres, colorist; Dave Shapre, letterer; adapted from the novel by Jane Austen
    Nancy Butler and Hugo Petrus fathfully adapt the whimsical tale of Lizzy Bennet and her loveable-if-eccentric family, as they navigate through tricky British social circles. Will Lizzy's father manage to marry off his five daughters, despite his wife's incessant nagging? And will Lizzy's beautiful sister Jane marry the handsome, wealthy Mr. Bingley, or will his brooding friend Mr. Darcy stand between their happiness?

Related Non-Fiction

  • The Wit and Wisdom of Jane Austen: Quotes from her Novels, Letters, and Diaries
    compiled, edited and introduced by Dominique Enright
    A volume of the classic literary master's insights and observations draws on her novels, private writings, and correspondence, in a resource that considers a wide range of subjects from marriage and money to society and gender dynamics.
    EAu746.A4 2008
  • The Bedside, Bathtub & Armchair Companion to Jane Austen
    by Carol Adams, Douglas Buchanan, and Kelly Gesch
    Jane Austen is more popular now than ever thanks to a recent spate of films made from her books, including several versions of Pride and Prejudice. This unusual companion book is made up of a variety of short pieces that offer synopses of her books and discussion of early work, her relationship with her publishers, background on customs of the Regency period (with pictures). Also included are parody articles, interviews with the author of The Jane Austen Book Club and the author of a graphic novel of Austen's work; and discussion of Jane in the movies, including the music used in a BBC production. For true enthusiasts, a tour of Austen country is mapped out. The book even contains a quiz and crossword puzzle. The title says it all.
    ZYF.Ad18b 2008
  • Jane's Fame: How Jane Austen Conquered the World
    by Claire Harman
    Presents a complete biography of Jane Austen and discusses her lasting influence as an academically revered social satirist and a classic author who inspires modern pop culture.
    EAu746.H227j 2010


  • The Jane Austen Book Club
    directed by Robin Swicord
    based on the novel by Karen Joy Fowler
    Six Californians start a club to discuss the works of Jane Austen, only to find their relationships—both old and new—begin to resemble 21st century versions of her novels. Starring Kathy Baker, Hugh Dancy, and Amy Brenneman.
  • Pride and Prejudice
    directed by Joe Wright
    This recent adaptation of Austen’s novel stars Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennett and Matthew Macfayden as Mr. Darcy.
  • Clueless
    directed by Amy Heckerling
    Alicia Silverstone won everyone over with her portrayal of a Beverly Hills teen, Cher, whose penchant for helping others with their relationships and self-esteem is a cover for her own loneliness. A smart, funny variation on Jane Austen's novel Emma, sweetly romantic and gently satirical of 90210 social manners.
  • Becoming Jane
    directed by Julian Jarrold
    The young Jane Austen wishes to be a writer. Her mother thinks otherwise. Although she is offered many marriage proposals she accepts none until the mischievous Thomas Lefroy shows up and turns her world around. Starring Anne Hathaway, James McAvoy, and Julie Walters.
  • I Have Found It
    directed by Rajiv Menon
    Sense and sensibility are not the only things that meet and mix in this Bollywood adaptation of Austen's classic novel. When East meets West, and audiences meet the two charming sisters at the heart of it's tale, there is no end to the fun, adventure, and romance. Starring Mammootty, Ajith, and Tabu.
  • Persuasion
    directed by Roger Michell
    A made-for-TV rendition of Austen’s novel. Anne Elliot fell deeply in love with handsome young naval officer Frederick Wentworth at the age of nineteen. But with neither fortune nor rank to recommend him, Anne was persuaded to break off her engagement. She never stopped loving Wentworth, and when he returns from sea eight years later with rank and fortune, she can only watch as every eligible young woman in the district falls at his feet. Can Frederick forgive Anne for listening to her family instead of her heart? Starring Amanda Root, Ciaran Hinds, and Fiona Findlay.


    A website with biography, quotes, and information on costumes, movies, and books, all about Jane Austen, as well as the Regency period, including a glossary of Regency vocabulary!
  • The Jane Austen Society of North America
    The Jane Austen Society of North America is dedicated to the enjoyment and appreciation of Jane Austen and her writing. JASNA is a nonprofit organization, staffed by volunteers, which hosts essay contests, events, and local meetings in the United States and Canada.
  • The Derbyshire Writers' Guild
    “Our archives include over 2,500 stories, and more stories are posted to our message board every day. We have a community message board at Jane Austen's Tea Room, where we discuss all things Austen and a great deal more, and we have a place to share our non-Jane-Austen-based creative writing: A Novel Idea. Come and share your love for the works of Jane Austen with us!” --site description

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