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If you liked Dirty Tricks...

If you liked Dirty Tricks by Rita Bleiman, you might also like:

Dirty Tricks has been described as a cross between Bridget Jones and Molly Ivins. This read-alike guide will hopefully lead you to similar books based on plot, character and style.

Political Fiction

If you liked the descriptions of the way Texas politics worked, the convetion scenes, and the political excitement Dirty Tricks conveyed, try these.


A former congressional aide of mixed race, Henry Burton takes a new job with Jack Stanton, governor of a small Southern state who has his eye on the presidency, observing his campaign, his idiosyncratic lifestyle, and the controversies and scandals surrounding him.


Freeland, an isolated island nation in the North Atlantic, home to a proud and independent people, is suddenly confronted with the realities of the rest of the world during an election year, when three U.S. political consultants arrive to help unseat Freeland's incumbent president.

YF 2004

Kristin Gore treats readers to an insider's view of life and love on Capitol Hill. In fact, the view couldn't get much more inside the Beltway, especially coming from former Vice President Al Gore's daughter. Sammy's Hill is witty and engaging enough to prove that it's not always who you know, but sometimes how well you tell their stories.

"Chick Lit"

Characterized often by a young, hip female lead, try reading these Chick Lit novels that feature more realistic (well, at least relatable), not always perfect, but perfectly lovable, female characters, similar to Dirty Tricks ' lead, Gloria.

A hilarious journal chronicles a year in the life of Bridget Jones, a single, thirty-something woman on a perpetual quest for self-improvement, as she struggles to cope with relationships, weight control, and the other bafflign complexities of modern life.

YF 1999

A witty and incisive novel follows the life lessons of Jane, from defiant teenager to reluctant career girl, as she makes her way through love, sex, relationships, and workplace perils, prompted by dubious advice from a pop-psych guide to life.

YF 2002

Humiliated to learn that her ex-boyfriend has been chronicling their former sex life in a series of articles called "Loving a Larger Woman" in a popular women's magazine, pop-culture journalist Cannie Shapiro embarks on an adventure-filled odyssey as she confronts her losses, makes peace with the past, and comes to terms with herself, her dreams, and her goals in life.

Political Humor

There's no mistaking it: Rita Bleiman has a knack for political humor! Other political satirists and humorous writers:


The columnist for The Dallas Times-Herald, Mother Jones, and The Progressive writes about politics, human folly, speaking Texan, George Bush and other "pseudo-Texans", the Democratic party, and other aspects of life in Texas.

A radio commentator and former Texas commissioner of agriculture offers his no-holds-barred, populist views on American politics and culture, showing how the government, the media, and large corporations have foreclosed on the American dream.

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