Outreach Services
Frank in the Outreach office

Forbes Library Outreach Services delivers books to low mobility patrons throughout the Northampton area. We bring books to patrons who would otherwise have difficulty reaching the library, typically the elder community and those with visual impairment or other health concerns.

Books and media are delivered to private homes, Northampton Housing Authority sites and long-term care facilities. Patrons may specify genre--such as western, romance or non-fiction; format--such as books on CD, large print or video; or ask for specific books or authors. Books are delivered to patrons every two weeks or as requested. Patrons may also choose and reserve materials through our online catalog.

The cheerful and efficient Outreach staff would be happy to visit you if you can't come to us. If you, a friend or relative would like to avail yourself of our services please call us at 587-1019 or and we'll be happy to set up service for you.

We are now collaborating with Out Books On Wheels, which is a locally run volunteer organization that delivers books to lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgendered and straight allied elders in and around the Northampton area. Visit their website www.OutBooksOnWheels.org for more information.