Seth Pomeroy's Journal

A Special Publishing Event


Seth Pomeroy, one of the most prominent and influential citizens of Northampton, Massachusetts, in the years before the American Revolution, participated in two military campaigns against the French, in 1745 in Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, and again in 1755 at Crown Point, New York. He kept a meticulous daily journal recording his experiences. The journal, pocket-size and bound in parchment, has survived intact for more than two centuries and is now one of the treasures of the Forbes Library, the public library of Northampton.


Publication of Seth Pomeroy's Journal makes available a document whose great interest extends well beyond the sphere of local history. Terse yet often eloquent and moving, the Pomeroy Journal provides a daily account of two major military operations on far-flung frontiers. It is the product of a clear-sighted, strong-willed man of exceptional courage and unquestioning faith, whose staunch patriotism and deep concern for his fellow man are equally on view in this priceless relic of a hard but rewarding life.


Last year the Friends of Forbes Library published a complete, digitally scanned facsimile edition of Seth Pomeroy's journal, with facing line-for-line transcription. This well-edited edition, elegantly bound in Colonial blue cloth and stamped in pewter, was intended to appeal to a wide range of readers and users: professional and non-professional historians, biographers, and students of American history, military history, social history, and regional and local history; family historians, antiquarians, and genealogists; and all who find fascination and inspiration in the lives of persons of unusual character and uncommon achievement. The appeal of the limited edition was evidently broad, since it has sold out in less than a year. At this point, no plans are in place for reprinting.

Copies of the facsimile edition are available for borrowing or reference at the library. Click this link to find an available copy.

Sample pages in facsimile:

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