July 2-30, 2024

Reception: July 12, 3:30-5:30 PM


For the Love of Animals

For many of us, our first love was an animal. Perhaps it was a furry member of the family or the first time we saw a horse run in a pasture. In this exhibition, Sarah Marquesen tries to capture the personality and soul of both domestic and wild animals. She hopes her realistic paintings help you connect to the animals we see outside our door and those from around the world.


Once Upon A Time At The Zoo

Zoos are one of the oldest forms of entertainment on Earth, with records of their existence dating back to 1,000 BC. They are also incredibly polarizing and controversial. While many advocates argue that zoos save endangered species and educate the public, many others believe the cost of confining animals outweighs the benefits, and violating the rights of individual animals cannot be justified. My hope is that the work on exhibit here speaks to both sides of this conversation without prejudice, and inspires the viewer to explore their own thoughts and feelings with the subject. One day we may look back at zoos and marvel at their barbarity or be grateful for the species they saved from extinction. Of these two scenarios, only time will tell.


Colors of the Seasons

Renee is a macro photographer from Easthampton. Her favorite subjects are the tiny creatures that are often unseen – spiders, bugs, frogs and other amphibians. During the month of July, come and get an up close and personal view of some of the little creatures that share our world. Renee Hill’s macro photography will open your eyes to the details of things you may have never seen – even in your own backyard.