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University of Forbes Library

Dear Forbes Library supporter,

photo of the west facade ofForbes Library with a rainbow over it

“I am a graduate of the University of Forbes Library,” a regular Forbes patron recently told one of our volunteers. Imagine this “university” where everyone is welcome. It will enroll you as a small child, and you can continue to learn there for your entire life. It provides free materials, programming, and support for the diverse needs of all.

Inflation has had a huge impact on the price of the materials that the library must purchase. At the same time, the value of the library has increased. As costs increase, and more families depend on the library, we rely on your gift to help us fill that gap. Please consider donating to Forbes Library this year. It will support our work as we continue our mission to support and educate all members of our community.

With gratitude,

Lisa Downing

Russell Carrier
President, Board of Trustees

Katy Wight
Vice President, Board of Trustees

P.S. Your gift to Forbes Library will be put to work by the library to support all members of our community! Help even more with a recurring donation.

P.P.S. If you have already made a gift towards our annual fund, please accept our sincere appreciation.

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