Loan periods

  • Most items circulate for 3 weeks, with the following exceptions:
  • DVDs, video games, and magazines circulate for 1 week.
  • Museum passes circulate for 2 days.

All items except museum passes may be renewed at least once for the same period if no one is waiting for them. If an account is in good standing, eligible items with renewals remaining will be automatically renewed.

Borrowing Limits

The following material types are limited. Each patron may borrow up to

  • 20 DVDs
  • 20 audiobooks (Playaway and Book on CD combined)
  • 20 Music CDs
  • 1 eBook Reader
  • 1 Musical Instrument
  • 1 Museum Pass (per household)
  • 50 total items

Lost or Damaged Items

If an item is more than 3 weeks overdue, or is returned with damage beyond normal wear and tear, the patron will be charged full replacement cost for the item, plus a processing fee of $5 per item. The patron may clear their account by returning the items if found, or paying the billed cost. Replacement items may be accepted for lost or damaged items; please check with us first. If the materials belong to another library, checks must be made out to the owning library. There are no refunds, so we encourage making every effort to find the lost items.

Blocked cards:

A patron is prevented from borrowing when there is $10.00 or more owed in fines or in overdue, lost or damaged materials.
Please contact us to make arrangements regarding bills. We want you to be able to continue to use the library.