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Forbes Library is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and contributions are fully tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Current Books, CDs, and DVDs

Forbes Library accepts donations of new and almost-new books, books on CD, and DVDs in excellent, clean condition to be considered for addition into the collection or for the ongoing book sale. The library staff evaluates for acceptance into the collection by the same criteria for which materials are selected for purchase (see Collection Development Policy). The library reserves the right to make the final decision on all gifts received.

All gifts accepted into the collection will become the property of the Trustees of Forbes Library and are retained or disposed of according to the Collection/Weeding Policy. Gifts not accepted into the collection may be sold at the book sale to benefit the library, donated to a charitable organization, or discarded. The library does not accept textbooks, outdated items or items in poor condition. The library does not accept gifts which come with specific expectations or obligations set by the donor which are different from our standard gift policy.

The library can accept up to one bag of donations at a time. These items may be brought to the main desk or we would be happy to help you with them. Donations in larger quantities need to be pre-arranged by calling the Circulation Department at 413-587-1011 x4523.

Historical Materials

For donations to the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Library & Museum or the Hampshire Room for Local History, contact the Archivist at 413-587-1014.

Fine Arts and Photography

For donations to the Fine Art and Photography collections, contact the Art & Music Librarian at 413-587-1013.

Receipts and Valuation

The Library will provide a receipt for all donated materials. However, Forbes Library is not a certified appraiser and can not provide you with a dollar value for your donation. If you would like assistance locating print or electronic sources to help determine the tax value of the items, please ask a librarian.

For more information about donating to Forbes, please see “Gifts” in our Collection Development Policy.

Other Places to Donate Books

Here’s a list of other places you can donate books.