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Paul Hetzel: Light
David Skillicorn: Abstract Expressionism

Spiral Staircase, photograph by Paul Hetzel

Spiral Staircase by Paul Hetzel

Motet, painting by David Skillicorn

Motet by David Skillicorn

December 2-29, 2016
Artists’ Reception: Saturday, December 3, 2-4 PM

Paul Hetzel took up photography seriously after a trek to Mount Everest in 1994. Drawn to the black and white medium, he initially created images in his darkroom, and then switched to the digital medium in 2005. He work was influenced by Jack Holowitz and Steve Sherman locally, and his craft was further improved by workshops with John Sexton, Justin Black, Jack Dykinga, John Shaw and Charlie Cramer. Paul’s images are captured on a Nikon D800e and printed on Canson Platine paper. His work has been published by journals in the United States and Europe, and his images presently hang locally and in Manhattan.

We as photographers write with light. Light expresses not only what we saw but how we saw our subject. Light alters shapes and spaces. We use light to lead the viewer not only to but through our image. I hope you will be drawn to these images and let the light take you through a magical tour through them.

In painting, David Skillicorn reaches for an elusive quality which transcends a work’s physical properties and can only be perceived intuitively. It’s that unseen intangible essence which gives a painting “presence”, making it something more than decoration or craft. Ultimately he says he strives to create something authentic, at once sensitive and meditative, yet resonate and contemporary.

Skillicorn’s highly textured abstract expressionist works are a reflection of the natural world, skirting the line between abstraction and landscape. His process is a combination of instinct, intuition, and spontaneous expression, tempered with years of technical training. At times he takes off as much paint as he puts on before arriving at something which he feels is interesting and true. Through this process of application and excavation, Skillicorn says he “finds” a painting as much as he “makes” it.

Each work finally emerges, sometimes after many months, with its own particular atmospheric mood. In a world increasingly dominated by facile imagery, Skillicorn hopes to create something with a sense of spirit. Not his own necessarily, but perhaps something that is touched in viewers through their own experiences. In the end, he hopes these paintings convey something that is not so much experienced with the mind, as felt with the body… in an intimate, visceral, and contemplative way.


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