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Hockanum Ferry, photo by Walter Corbin

In Memory of Jean Elizabeth Hosmer (1954-1999)

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Treasures of Forbes Library Special Collections

January 6-31, 2015

Reception Friday, January 9, 4-7 PM

Sioux beaded moccasins from the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Library & Museum; photo by Stephen Petegorsky

Sioux beaded moccasins from the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Library & Museum; photo by Stephen Petegorsky

A special exhibition at Hosmer Gallery, featuring rarely seen art and artifacts from the library’s extensive special collections, will be on view through January. On display will be works that are visually fascinating not only as historical documentation but also as graphic art and as tangible artifacts of Northampton’s past.  A curated selection of photographs, prints, letters, diaries, paintings, posters, and objects of historical significance from the 18th to the 20th centuries will be on view. Some have never been on display before and as a group they shed insight on the lives of the area’s residents and the artists and collectors who documented and preserved our past.

Nutcracker auditions, 1988, silver gelatin print by Maurine Sutter

Nutcracker auditions, 1988, silver gelatin print by Maurine Sutter

Recently acquired materials which will be exhibited for the first time include photographs of Pioneer Valley Ballet’s early productions in the 1980s, donated by artist Maurine Sutter; photos from the Smith Vocational School archives; and art created for the annual “Show Us Your Bra” auctions benefiting the Breast Form Fund between 1994 and 2010. Some of the oldest items to be on display are photographs of Northampton’s Civil War veterans, broadsides from the mid-1800s, and Sioux beadwork given to Calvin Coolidge during his presidency.

Also included are images by Robert Emrick, Walter Corbin, the Howes Brothers, Daily Hampshire Gazette, and the people of Northampton who participated in the Midnight to Midnight project last year.

Photograms by Ed Los; Photographs by Izudin Lelic and Meredith Howe Jones


Photograph by Meredith Howe Jones

February 3-28, 2015

Reception Saturday, February 7, 2-4 PM

Abstract photogram by Ed Los

Photogram by Ed Los


Bass Harbor Light, photograph by Izudin Lelic

Meredith Howe Jones tries to illuminate, through photography, some of the shape, form, light, and design in the natural world. Many of her images are abstract and semi-abstract; she has to step aside, take time, become slow, and still, engaging in silent study.  To create most of the images you see in her current exhibit, Water and Ice, The Seen and Less Seen, she lies or sits at the edge of streams, swamps and seeps, or among trees and in fields. In winter she fights the cold as she squiggles across ice or lies in snow; in summer she fights ticks and mosquitoes. Meredith resides in Pelham.

Izudin Lelic is an amateur photographer from Western Massachusetts. He started with photography as a hobby about 15 years ago, first with film and later completely converting to digital photography.The exhibition includes landscape photos from New England, from coastal lighthouses and Western Massachusetts waterfalls and covered bridges to colorful autumn foliage. He equally enjoys taking landscapes, nature, macro and abstract photos.  Some of his photos can be seen online at PicasaWeb or Pentax Photo Gallery.

Ed Los creates his images in the darkroom, without a camera, producing pictures known as photograms.

“Most of my work is abstract rather than descriptive. I use light directly to compose the image onto photographic paper, rather than printing the shadows and outlines of objects themselves. I am drawn to the photogram by its purity of process — by its direct use of light, paper, and photochemistry.”

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