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Coming Into Focus, oil painting by Rob Chirico

Coming Into Focus, oil painting by Rob Chirico

Landscapes of the Mind
Paintings by Rob Chirico, Ed Kaplan, and Trina Sears Sternstein

April 3-May 1, 2017
Reception: Monday April 3, 5-7 PM

Rob Chirico is a freelance writer and artist living in Western Massachusetts. He earned his master’s degree at New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts, and did advanced study in Renaissance and Baroque art. While a professor of art history at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, he published numerous articles on language and imagery in art. His interest in the technique of the “Old Masters” combined with the knowledge of contemporary media had enabled him to create his own exacting and detailed style of art. He marries traditional methods of glazing in oil with present-day polymers to give his painting its characteristic luminosity. As an artist he has had numerous shows here and abroad. In New England he has exhibited at the Springfield Museum among many other venues.

Brooklyn Morning, acrylic painting by Ed Kaplan

Brooklyn Morning, acrylic painting by Ed Kaplan

Ed Kaplan was born on Long Island in 1971, and received his degree in Advertising Art and Design, but considers himself a self-taught painter. For the past 20 years he has designed and executed fine art paintings and commissions, as well as murals and custom airbrushed automobiles. Shortly after completing a series of portrait paintings painted on actual television screens, entitled “Televised Insanity”, he began to pursue his current subject matter, the urban landscape. He has exhibited in multiple venues in New York City and the Pioneer Valley.

Thunder, painting by Trina Sears Sternstein

Thunder, painting by Trina Sears Sternstein

Trina Sears Sternstein studied fine art at the Rhode Island School of Design, the Academia di Belle Arts in Florence, Italy, and the University of Iowa. Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries across western Massachusetts and New York. Her oil and gouache paintings reflect her love of the Western Massachusetts landscape. “My paintings are not of any particular place. I make up the compositions and attempt to express my feelings about the area where I live in color, tone, pattern and line. Western MA, in fact all of New England, is threatened with visual degradation. I hope that my pictures, among other things, will make some small contribution to saving our beautiful landscape.”

artwork by Tori Nicoletti

Tori Nicoletti

Northampton High School Student Art Exhibition

May 4-30, 2017
Reception: Friday May 12, 4-7 PM (Arts Night Out)

Student artwork from the Foundations of Art, Drawing & Painting 1 & 2 , Ceramics 1 , Sculpture and Honors Art 1-4 classes at Northampton High School will be exhibited. The selection of artwork is curated by teachers Lisa Leary and Sheryl Jaffe, who collectively teach approximately 200 students each year.

artwork by Zoe Narkewicz

Zoe Narkewicz

artwork by Breena Brown

Breena Brown

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