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Jane Morrison: Mykonos

Carmine Angeloni: Of earth and water

Joan Anderson: Watercolor landscapes

Oil painting by Jane Morrison

Oil painting by Jane Morrison

Break in the storm, watercolor by Joan Anderson

Break in the storm, watercolor by Joan Anderson

Quabbin twilight, photograph by Carmine Angeloni

Quabbin twilight, photograph by Carmine Angeloni

September 2-29, 2015

Reception: Saturday September 12, 1-3 PM

Jane Morrison’s exhibit is a collection of oil paintings of the Greek Island of Mykonos, where she lived and worked as an artist for many years. They include seascapes, and images of the characteristics that make the Greek Islands so charming and unique; windmills, chapels, dove-cotes, and the white-washed homes and alleyways. Most of all, she was captivated by the clear, brilliant light of the Aegean, and how it lights up the white of the island, and shines against the blues of sea and sky. It is this light which she seeks to capture in her art.

Jane lives in Northampton. She graduated from Smith College with a B.A.in Studio Art.  She spends her time painting, and works at various venues as a portrait and caricature artist.

Joan Griswold Anderson
In the 1970s I worked as a fabric artist, creating and exhibiting large-scale pictorial batiks and eventually, sewn and stuffed bas-relief “dream works”.  I then pursued a career in graphic design and illustration, added photography to the mix, and became the Graphic Designer and Creative Photographer for Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio.  After five years with the college, I continued my career as a freelancer in design, photography, and promotional writing. I moved to the Philadelphia area in 1996, and after freelancing as a desktop publisher and dance instructor, became the Activities Supervisor for a retirement community on the Main Line. Meanwhile, I taught dance classes, and also created and exhibited watercolor paintings and photographic works. In 2008 I retired from the work force in order to focus on dance instruction, watercolor and photography, grand-parenting, and other delights. I am now happily re-situated in the village of Leeds. At Hosmer Gallery I will be exhibiting watercolors based on actual and/or imagined impressions of our natural world.

Carmine L. Angeloni
I was raised in southern Connecticut, always a short Sunday drive from the shore, and, like many people, am drawn to where ocean, land and sky meet.  As my own family began to settle in various locations along the east coast, I have been blessed with the opportunity to spend time photographing along these dynamic edges. I hope that this collection of landscapes and seascapes express to you my own excitement for rising early to meet the sun at the horizon, and upon chasing it back at the end of the day, to record as many of the changes in light as possible, with camera and lens. Ever since my dad invited my eleven year-old self to look through the camera’s viewfinder, I developed a love for photographic images.  Initially, this was a black and white world of lines and shapes and shades of light; silver compounds and chemical solutions to release them. Now, for me, photography has become a vast catalogue of digital images and software capable of allowing me to best present the images as I “see” them.

I am an amateur photographer living in western Massachusetts. After a four-decade Massachusetts forestry career, during which I enjoyed an occasional exhibit, workshop and photo marketing opportunity, I now spend time photographing a range of subjects throughout our valley, the new england coast and long island. Some of my images can be seen online at http://www.mockingbirdeditions.com/carmine-angeloni

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