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Paintings by Laura Radwell, Caren Hyde, and Sandy Walsh

February 1-29, 2016

Reception: Saturday February 13, 2-4 PM 

Dancing Forsythia, by Sandy Walsh

Dancing Forsythia, by Sandy Walsh

Sandy Walsh is a lifelong artist.  A Northampton native, she was painting outdoors before she knew the term “en plein air”.  Her most recent work is inspired by nature – although somewhat abstracted.  “I try to use my contemplative musings from the natural world in the work that I do in the studio”, she said.  She taught painting classes at the Guild Studio School in Northampton in the 1990s.  Her work has been shown locally, starting in 1991 with a one woman show of her large, floral oil paintings at American International College.  In the past year, her landscape work was shown at the Palmer Public Library, Hope & Olive in Greenfield, The Great Falls Discovery Center in Turners Falls, the Main Street offices of Greenfield Community College and at Leverett Arts & Crafts.   She started a business that hosts paint-and-drink parties called Valley Vino & Van Gogh to be able to teach again and share her love of the fun and relaxation that painting brings.
Wanwood, by Caren Hyde

Wanwood, by Caren Hyde

Caren Hyde was born in the South-East of England in 1963. She earned a BA in fine art from Bath Academy of Art in 1986. Following graduation, she worked as a free-lance printmaker’s assistant for five years and travelled quite extensively throughout Europe, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. In 1991, Caren arrived in the United States and settled in New York City. There she attended New York University, obtaining a master’s degree in clinical art therapy. In 2006, Caren moved up to the Pioneer Valley and currently resides in Florence. She has exhibited and sold her paintings in both England and the United States.
Artist’s statement: “For this show I have chosen some recent landscape paintings made over the past two years. In this work, I have been particularly focused on expressing an emotional quality of landscape which lies within the realm of ambiguity and the tensions that can be created between opposites such as reality and dream, beauty and the underlying forces of darkness; between the living and the dead, the familiar and the strange.”
Painting by Laura Radwell

Painting by Laura Radwell

Laura Radwell is a native New Yorker, communications professional, artist, designer, and devoted collector of visual impressions. The valley has been her home since 1974. After founding Radwell Communication by Design in 1986, and serving a diverse clientele in the arts, education, business, healthcare and social services, she returned to her fine art pursuits several years ago, in her Easthampton studio.
Artist’s statement: “The work in this exhibit is part of a continuing stream of creative expression that began in 2014 when I picked up paints and brushes that had not been touched for over 20 years. After recently working in other media (creating digital photo-based abstractions), I could no longer delay returning to the medium that I have loved the most. Over the years a fascination with color, texture, form has played out in my work as a designer, and now appears in my art. When combined with a love of nature and the landscape, the results are works layered with color and built textures. These are spaces and places that do not exist in the real world, although they may; the perception of the viewer and the power of imagination give them life. A long time ago I was a representational painter, working ‘from the outside in.’ Now I paint landscapes ‘from the inside out.’” — Laura Radwell

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