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photo by Teen Advisory Group

Teen Advisory Group

Ellen Augarten

Ellen Augarten

Jan Ruby-Crystal

Jan Ruby-Crystal

New Americans: a photo-voice project by the Teen Advisory Group at NHS
Fences: Paintings and Photographs by Jan Ruby-Crystal and Ellen Augarten

June 2-29, 2017
Reception: Monday June 12, 5-7 PM

New Americans
A photo-voice project by the Teen Advocacy Group at Northampton High School

Through interviews, photographs, and portraits, we share the immigration experiences of American immigrants, refugees, and citizens. We explore the significance of Northampton’s designation as a sanctuary city with advocates and public officials and the impact of local and national policy on our documented and undocumented community members.

Paintings by Jan Ruby-Crystal and Photographs by Ellen Augarten
During her two-week residency in 2016, through the Outer Cape Artists Consortium, Jan Ruby-Crystal spent time in relative solitude, surrounded by great natural beauty, ever-changing weather and light. She carefully documented her time there by using sand, natural findings, plaster, oil sticks, pastels, acrylic, watercolor, graphite and personal writings to create a varied portfolio of new work.

Ellen is a long-time, Northampton based photographer. Her new work involves intentional camera movement with the ‘focus’ on elongating strong shadows, trees, fences and the light itself, which transforms a traditional photographic image into a painterly one.

As two dedicated and practicing artists, we have grown from each other’s creative work. For this exhibit our work is driven by light, shadows, nature and most recently, fences.

Our exhibit will include mixed media, two and three-dimensional work by Jan, a set of photographic prints by Ellen, and several collaborative pieces.

Nancy Diessner

Nancy Diessner

Anne Beresford

Anne Beresford

Zea Mays Printmaking Studio
New Works

July 5-31, 2017
Reception: Monday July 31, 5:00-7:30 PM

A collection of new prints by 63 members of Zea Mays Printmaking Studio will be on display at the Hosmer Gallery in July. The exhibit features a wide breath of styles and techniques, all using non-toxic, alternative printmaking processes with a clear commitment to innovation and quality.

Founded in 2000, Zea Mays Printmaking is a studio, workshop, gallery, educational facility and research center dedicated to the safest and most sustainable printmaking practices available. Attracting artists worldwide, Zea Mays Printmaking shares its
research into safer printmaking practices through workshops and tutorials.

The studio’s name comes from the botanical name for Sweet Corn. Zea Mays is a plant known for its ability to extract heavy metal toxins form the soil through its leaves and roots. Just as this plant is being used as a natural way of restoring contaminated earth back to health, our mission is to restore the art of printmaking to a healthy art form. At Zea Mays, we honor the rich tradition of printmaking by exploring alternatives that are safe for artists and the environment.

Techniques of printmaking done and taught at the studio include intaglio, monotype, relief, screen printing, lithography and letterpress. All of these techniques are represented in the work in this exhibition. Many artists are showing work from new
series they are working on.


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