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Ashfield Watercolors by Walter Cudnohufsky

April 2-May 2, 2015

Reception Saturday, April 4, 2-4 PM

Cudnohufsky_untitledCudnohufsky_treesWalter Cudnohufsky is an active Landscape Architect and an avid watercolor painter. He paints the often-evocative moods of the New England landscape. He has found a way to have continuous ‘business with the landscape’ and to see it through multiple filters.
Cudnohufsky_Wildland canoeing 700
Surrounded on his Ashfield High Meadow Farm by the beauty and moods of this quickly changing landscape, he seeks to capture the tranquility and calm so necessary to our fast paced lives. The intent, ultimately, is to record those aspects that are most temporal and too quickly becoming unique and lost.

The paintings are a record and an opportunity to share with others who care, the beauty and wonder extant in our everyday rural surroundings.

Walter’s painting style borders on the fanciful and semi abstract. This is made possible by effective editing of what he remembers and skilled composition of a designer. He works to complement wet in wet with sharp line technique. His color pallet can range, as nature does, from subtle monochromatic to brilliant colors provided by fall or sunsets. Most all of his work is conceived from assembled memories.

Northampton High School Student Art Exhibition

by Chris

by Chris

by Jake

by Jake

by Anya

by Anya

May 6-26, 2015

Reception: Arts Night Out, Friday May 8, 4-7 PM

Students of art teachers Lisa Leary and Sheryl Jaffe will show a wide variety of work including Foundations of Art, Ceramics, Drawing and Painting, and Honors Art 1-4.

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