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Elvira Yanez

Vera Yanez

Photography by Donna Carpenter, Vera Yanez,
Barbara Krawczyk and Diane Savioli-Chase

November 2-29, 2017
Reception: Monday November 6, 5-7 PM

Donna Carpenter

Donna Carpenter

Barbara Krawczyk

Barbara Krawczyk

Diane Savioli-Chase

Diane Savioli-Chase

Vera Yañez: Residents of the Galapagos
I have always loved taking photos, documenting my life and that of the people around me. I’ve done a lot of travel photography and participated in photo treks in Morocco, Viet Nam and elsewhere, which helped me develop my skills.

After retiring from a career in programming I got serious about nature photography. I started to visit locations that have continuously been on my bucket list. The diversity of nature, its startling variety of species and landscapes is mind-boggling. As our planet becomes less hospitable to all life forms, I want to see as much of the natural world as I can.

Last year I visited the Galapagos and saw unparalleled wildlife, unique to those remote islands. In this exhibit, I sought to show the complexity of the many fascinating birds and reptiles of the Galapagos, each fascinating in its own way.

Donna Carpenter: Ancient Homeland
Ancient Homeland consists of photographic images captured during repeated journeys that I have made to the Lowlands, Highlands, and Islands of Scotland. These gritty, mysterious, black and white landscapes are thresholds to another world, a world that to me feels different in most every way from day to day life in the United States.

I first set foot on Scottish soil in the winter of 2013, when I made a quick overnight return journey from London to Glasgow. That journey, taken on a whim, turned out to be life changing. I felt an inexplicably deep familiarity and ease in Glasgow which led me to wonder about my Scottish heritage, of which I knew next to nothing. Over the course of the past two years I have spent nine months there, exploring the land and her history, often traveling on foot and capturing thousands of photographs in the process. It is from these thousands of photos that I have culled the images in this exhibition.

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Northampton Arts Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council. I am grateful for their support.

Barbara Krawczyk and Diane Savioli-Chase: Cuba: An Intimate Portrait
Barbara Krawczyk and Diane Savioli-Chase’s major hobbies are photography and travel. This exhibit exemplifies their passion for depicting a culture through its people via environmental portraiture, rather than through expansive vistas. Both were so enamored by Cuba’s color, art, dance, music and street life and its people’s vitality, spirit, ingenuity and friendliness that they made two trips to visit different regions of the country.

Barbara is currently president of the Westfield Camera Club and is active in the Springfield Photographic Society. She is a member of the Photographic Society of America and has won numerous photography awards, locally and internationally. Her work has appeared in calendars, web sites, print marketing, newspapers and magazines. She has exhibited in various galleries and presents photographic software technique demonstrations and travelogues to camera clubs and serves as a judge for photographic competitions.

Diane has been a serious travel documentarian since 1976. In 1981 she began a project photographing New England textile mills that culminated in exhibits at the Springfield Museums and the Holyoke Textile Museum. She has had solo exhibits in local libraries as well as in group shows at the Valley Photo Center and the Robert Floyd Gallery, and is an award winner at both. Her current project is documenting street life in the Park Street neighborhood of Hartford. Her camera of choice is the LGg5 cell phone.

Leaning Trees, by Bill Orr

Sweeter with time, by Keila Ploof

Paper Collage Paintings by Keila Ploof
Nature Photographs by Bill Orr

December 2-29, 2017

Bill Orr: Artist Statement

Since the dawn of the art nearly 200 years ago, photographers have created countless images using the technology to express their impressions of the beauty of nature. As an avid amateur for many years I have added my share of photos to this trove.

I began to seriously pursue photography as an art upon retiring from a career on the technical side of imaging. The mystery of the natural world is a constant source of delight. I attempt to convey this fascination through my images – sometimes graphic, sometimes impressionistic or even abstract. The joy of seeing and working to translate these mental images to physical media is endlessly inspiring.

Keila’s Calling

Keila Marie Ploof is a self-taught artist, learning independently from great artists who share their knowledge. Henry Rankin Poore and Juliette Aristides are among her favorite teachers; she devours their books. Several of her works have earned awards and placements in museums and galleries.

Keila has always been drawn to paper, collecting and saving pieces that spoke to her since childhood. It wasn’t until recently that her love of painting and paper collided. The paper is applied almost all by brush, just like painting. Each piece is either cut or ripped to create the “brush stroke” before it even hits the canvas. Most of her paper creations begin with very old paper. The books she uses are damaged beyond use and feels honored to give them a second life. Texture, color, and light come together and blend with her love of nature, creating a very unique art form.

The art is quite varied; people, landscapes, abandon castles, other buildings/churches, and other subjects have been created. A play on books is the subject for her last two works. An avid gardener, Keila enjoys landscape art almost as much as working with the human form. Keila is passionate about recycling and doing what she can to take control of what we discard-to inspire people to take a second look at paper. Most of Keila’s work holds deeper meanings as well as some hidden pictures.

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