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Virtual Hosmer Gallery Community Art Exhibit

New Monotypes by Arch MacInnes
We All Matter – We Are All Matter by Amy Dawn Kotel
Pastel Landscapes by Donna M. Roy

April 2-29, 2024

Reception: April 6, 3-5 PM


“The energy of the local landscape”

My current work explores expressionistic color and energetic mark making. I’m inspired by ordinary landscapes and strive to render them with unordinary colors and values, those that I see lurking in the underlayers. By intensifying these layers, I hope to give the viewer a peek into my world, one that is expressed in bold, exuberant, and chaotic movement in an extroverted painting. I hope to impact how they see the ordinary world around them.
I am a Western Massachusetts native, and I hold a BFA in Fine Art from UMASS, Amherst, but a foundational impact in my art studies came from weekly oil painting lessons with a local artist when I was just ten years old. I also paint En Plein Air with the Amherst Plein Air Society and the Quabbin Art Association. I believe that plein air painting sharpens the skills needed to grow as an artist.


We All Matter – We Are All Matter

Amy Dawn Kotel is an artist, dancer, personal trainer, puppeteer, and community friend. While she has been a professional artist in several disciplines, over the last 6 years she has come back to one of her first creative passions, drawing and painting.  She has always been drawn to bright and effusive colors. She thinks and plays with space and with the negative space. Her artwork moves your eye on a journey around the piece. Her art is super vibrant and she often utilizes small shapes to create larger images. We are all made of matter and there is so much going on we humans normally can not take in and Amy’s art often reflects this idea. Her work is a combination of planned and intuitive. She loves creating beautiful scenes/landscapes, comical imagery, gender influenced portraits, surreal-esque work and abstract art pieces.  Her hope is that the viewer feels something and comes up with a story based on what they see, even if it has nothing to do with the artist’s intention.


New Monotypes

Structure is at the heart of our perception of existence. A visual understanding of the architecture of our surroundings—an ability so basic that it can easily be taken for granted—is essential for us to fully function in the world. Recognizing its importance, my current work centers on hand-drawn graphic armatures that form complex spatial arrangements derived from an initial series of gestures. The resulting drawing, generally white lines on a dark background, is then overprinted on one or more similar drawings in other colors. The resulting print is a deeper, more complex graphic composition in which the drawings combine to suggest movement, the passage of time and the multi-dimensional nature of reality.
Arch MacInnes has been printmaking in Northampton since 2016. He is a graduate of Rutgers University and the Art Institute of Boston and has pursued further studies at the Museum School in Boston and UMass Amherst. He is a member of Zea Mays and the Monotype Guild of New England.

The JFK Student Art Show

May 2-30, 2024

Reception: Friday May 10, 5-7 PM

We invite you to a special exhibit featuring a variety of pieces created by JFK Middle School 6th through 8th grade art students. Over 400 expressive works in ceramic, sculpture, printmaking, painting, and design will be showcased!

Organized by the JFK Middle School Art Department: Emma Mendoker and Michelle Mallory.

Online: Community Art Exhibit

Visit the online Community Art Exhibit at Virtual Hosmer Gallery

During the emergency building closure in 2020, The Hosmer Gallery began exploring new ways to support our mission of providing opportunities for local artists to show their work to the public. Starting April 3, 2020, and continuing nearly four years, we invited all art makers in the greater Northampton area to participate in an online exhibit.
Please enjoy these 549 images by 189 local artists.

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