By taking part in the Forbes Library Homebound Delivery Service,
I acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. I am unable to visit the library on a regular basis due to a disability, long-term illness or transportation restraint.
  2. I understand that a volunteer will check out and return library materials for me and will have access to my online library account for the purpose of placing holds and keeping track of materials loaned to me. My new library account password will be my volunteer’s last name, in caps. I can also access my account at any time using this same password. 
  3. I understand that my volunteer will drop off and pick up materials every 3 weeks at an agreed upon date and time. I will call the volunteer directly if I need to reschedule.
  4. I give permission to Forbes Library to issue a duplicate library card to my volunteer.
  5. Library materials will remain in my care and be ready for pick-up on the date discussed with my volunteer. I understand that late or lost items may lead to fines and that only my volunteer should return materials to the library for me.
  6. I can cancel participation in this service anytime by informing my volunteer or calling the Forbes’s Library Outreach Delivery Service coordinator at 587-1019.
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