Forbes Library received a 2016 Paul Winske Access Award from Stavros in recognition of the improvements the library has made to accessibility for people with disabilities. In 2015 Forbes installed a new elevator to provide safe and reliable access into the building. The library was also commended for providing accessible formats such as large print and Braille materials, audio books and videos with audio adaptations. In the Stavros Access Awards program Forbes is praised, “Just as exciting are the many new assistive technology devices and software applications: magnifying glasses along with a desktop magnifier and screen magnification software, screen reader software, and listening systems at service desks. The folks at Forbes have gone all out!”

In addition to the “Forbes For All” elevator campaign, the library has been working on improving access through a two year federal grant provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and administered by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners.

Stavros Access Awards