Architect’s rendering of Forbes Library For the Future

At their March meeting, Forbes Library’s Board of Trustees voted to commission a new building reflecting the updated roles of the library in the 21st century.
“This Victorian style is getting old,” remarked Board President Russell Carrier. Others disagreed, so as a compromise, part of the original facade will be preserved as a nod to history. “If Neilson can do it, so can we,” long-serving board member Marjorie Hess commented.
To reflect the combination of historical traditions and modern outlook, a Grecian column housing the new archives area is fused with a freeform wavelike roof, suggesting ancient knowledge staying afloat in a sea of confusion and climate change.
A long-awaited separate children’s “wing” with accessibility ramp will be added, its duck-like shape a nod to children’s literature and at the same time, representing the architect’s legacy for the ages.
“We’re thrilled to be able to serve Northampton better than ever,” said Director Lisa Downing. “This fits every goal in our five-year Strategic Plan.”