Forbes Library will be celebrating its 125th Anniversary beginning in September 2018 and running through October 2019. Special events, exhibits and community outreach will take place during the course of the year. A committee of staff, trustees, and community members are working together to make this happen. Activities planned for the year will celebrate our past, promote our current role in the community and highlight our shared vision of the future. We plan to use the tagline “Forbes Library: Working for the Common Good” to tie together all of the anniversary activities.

We are seeking an anniversary logo that can be used on flyers, bookmarks, digitally, and printed on goods.) The final design should be submitted in SVG format. If the design includes color, then a monochromatic version should be provided as well.

Please submit proposals by July 1st to Lisa Downing, including a sketch of your concept and your fee. The budget range for this project is $250-$500.