Stop by the Hosmer Gallery and check out the newly installed diorama by Nancy Dickinson. It’s a peek into the lives of her civilization of Acorn People. The scenes will change occasionally, probably with the seasons. Currently they’re spending a day in the park, strolling with their children, feeding the wildlife, or playing the flute.

Nancy has been creating miniature worlds since childhood. About the Acorn People, she writes: “They live mostly in tree stump houses in the woods. Everything in their homes is made from things found in nature. They keep busy bringing in wood for their stoves, cooking natural foods, white water racing, sailing on the ponds, and training squirrels. I do my best to build everything in this world, even the animals.”

Nancy Dickinson earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Rhode Island School of Design, and has received an award for her photography from the Hitchcock Center for the Environment. She has exhibited her work at numerous museums, galleries, libraries, schools and other cultural institutions throughout the Northeast.

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