If you have a musical instrument that works fine but you just don’t feel like playing it anymore, you can de-clutter and make others happy at the same time by donating it to the Forbes Library musical instrument collection!

Forbes lends ukuleles, banjos, hand drums, synthesizers and many other string, percussion, and electronic instruments. They’re much in demand and we’d love to grow the collection and shorten the waiting lists. We welcome donations of instruments in good condition to share with the community.

If you’d like to offer an instrument, please look over the checklist below, and contact the Arts & Music Department at 413-587-1013. Please talk with us first before dropping an item off, to make sure it meets the collection’s needs. We’ll give you a receipt, but can’t give a valuation.

  • Good working order, nothing broken or warped, in tune or easily tunable
  • easy-to-carry size and weight (no acoustic pianos, please!)
  • not a delicate antique requiring extra-special care
  • no mouth-blown instruments, for hygiene reasons
  • a carrying case is a plus!
  • especially wanted: guitars, bass uke, electronics, banjo …

Thank you for thinking of us!