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Seeds of sustainability (Daily Hampshire Gazette, March 10, 2022)
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413 Free Seeds FAQ

  1. How does it work?

    413 Free Seeds has two Free Seed Box Locations: The Forbes Library in Northampton and the Lilly Library in Florence, starting in April 2022. It is an informal way for you to get free vegetable, herb, and flower seed packets, learn about gardening, and share your garden with your community by harvesting and sharing seeds.

  2. Do I need a library card?

    You do not need a library card! You only need to write your name in the guest book when you take or donate seeds.

  3. How many packets can I take?

    Please take one packet per person per visit. We hope this will change next year as our inventory grows.

  4. Do I need to bring back seeds harvested from the plants that I grow?

    Nope! You can if you want, but I realize that not everyone can make that happen.

  5. Do I need to donate before I can take seeds?

    No! Please take some seeds!

  6. When does it restock?

    Both library locations are restocked weekly, but we also appreciate and rely on donations!

  7. Can I donate pre-packaged seed packets? How about opened packets?

    Yes and yes! Just please tape them shut.

  8. How do I donate?

    Please put your seeds in the box and write the information down in our guestbook to help keep track. When donating, please label your packet with the info:

    1. Seed name
    2. Origin (Brand, place grown, person who donated, or place foraged)
    3. Organic (if not, you can leave this part blank)
    4. Year harvested (for store-bought seeds, this is usually one year before expiration year)
    5. Any other info that you want to include!

  9. Are seeds tested for purity or germination rate?

    413 Free Seeds does not have the capacity to do germination tests for all seeds and can’t guarantee that seeds are true heirloom varieties. We accept hybrid and GMO seeds as well as non-GMO and heirloom varieties. We rely on donors and volunteers to label their seed packets unless donating from pre-packaged seeds.

  10. How do I grow the seeds?

    Links to growing instructions and other helpful resources are available here: or via QR code on the seed boxes.

  11. How do I reach you?

    Email or message @413seeds on Instagram