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Calvin Coolige At Home in Northampton

June 2, 2009 — Calvin Coolidge At Home in Northampton, a new book by local historian and volunteer Susan Well, is now available. Using original material from the collections at the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Library and Museum, Well presents the daily life and residences of Calvin Coolidge in Northampton, Massachusetts. Well uses new sources to document the unique and…

The Coolidges Return to Northampton

March 4, 2009 — March 4th 1929 Herbert Hoover was inaugurated as the 31st President and the Coolidges, after attending the inauguration, returned to their beloved Northampton. Grace Coolidge wrote that as she journeyed back to Northampton from Washington D.C. that “I suddenly realized that I had come back to myself, that my husband was no longer the head…

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