Meeting Room Fee Schedule

Unless noted otherwise, rooms may be used for up to three hours for the cost stated.


Free event sponsored by the library, non-profits, civic groups and individuals.

Does not include fundraisers or any event at which donations are requested. (See Event with admission fee below.)

Bak Study RoomNo Charge
Community RoomNo Charge
Watson RoomNo Charge
Tutoring or private lessons with fee for 1 or 2 students at a time.

Also applies to the use of the room for exam proctoring.

Bak Study Room$5.00
Community RoomNot Available
Watson Room$5.00
Business meetings and promotions

Free public or private event to present information about a business or to meet with paying clients.

Bak Study Room$20.00
Community Room$50.00
Watson Room$30.00
Event with admission fee sponsored by a civic group, individuals, or non-profit groups.

Includes fundraisers and any event where donations are requested.

Bak Study RoomNot Available
Community Room$25.00
Watson Room$15.00
Event with admission fee sponsored by commercial business.

Includes fundraisers and any event where donations are requested.

Bak Study Room$30.00
Community Room$75.00
Watson Room$40.00
Private party

E.g. birthdays, weddings.

Bak Study RoomNot Available
Community Room$40.00
Watson RoomNot Available
After hours events

Events held before or after normal Library hours. Three hour minimum. Half hour set-up and clean-up must be included.

Bak Study RoomNot Available
Community Room$50.00 per hour
Watson RoomNot Available