The computers in the Arts and Music department all have flatbed scanners. An “express scanning” station is also available in the Reference Room.


You can send a fax using the first floor copier. The machine is not able to receive faxes. When dialing, prefix fax number with a 9.

Faxing is free at Forbes Library.

Printing and Photocopying

All public computers at the library can print. If you are printing from your own device you can use any of the Print From Home options described below.

Printing is available until five minutes before the library closes.

Photocopiers are available on the main floor and in the Arts and Music Department on the second floor.

 8.5×11 One Sided8.5×11 Two Sided11×17 (photocopier only)
black & white$0.20 per page$0.30 per sheet (computer)
$0.20 per page (photocopier)
$0.25 per page
color$0.50 per page$0.75 per sheet (computer)
$0.50 per page (photocopier)
$0.75 per page
microfilm machines$0.25 per pagen/an/a

Staff Mediated

Staff mediated printing is available by emailing Please specify whether you prefer to have your prints placed on the hold shelf for self-service pickup or kept behind the reference desk. You have one week from the time of printing to pick up mediated print jobs.

Via PrinterOn

PrinterOn lets you send print jobs to the library printer from you computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Print jobs sent this way must be collected on the day they are sent, before the library closes.

Android and iOS users will have the best experience using the mobile apps from PrinterOn Inc:

If you can’t install the app you can:

  • Upload your documents using our Print From Home form
  • Send an email to our print service. Text and attachments will be printed. You will receive an email confirming that the print job has been received. At the library, you will enter the same email address used to send the print job in order to retrieve and print your documents.
Black & White
Black & White