Privacy Policy

Forbes Library strives to protect patrons’ privacy to the fullest extent of the law (Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 78, Section 7). Following the American Library Association’s Code of Ethics: “We protect each library user’s rights to privacy and confidentiality with respect to information sought or received and resources consulted, borrowed, acquired, or transmitted.”

The library keeps no permanent record of internet sites visited, online resources used, or searches performed by patrons. Library records which may reveal your interests or intellectual pursuits, including books checked out, bills due, and holds placed, are protected by law and library policy.

When using the library’s services, including online services, patrons may be required to provide their name, e-mail address, library card barcode, phone number or home address. This information will only be used to fulfill patrons’ service needs and to help the library improve and target its services effectively. Patrons’ personal information will be discarded when it is no longer needed.

The library is a member of the CW MARS network ( which provides the library’s catalog, circulation system, and some online resources. Circulation, borrower registration, and usage records are managed by CW MARS and Forbes Library observes their privacy policy.

Information may also be shared in these cases:

● For patrons younger than 12, a parent or legal guardian may request information about titles checked out, holds placed, and money due. Parents and guardians may be required to provide identification to get this information.

● Forbes Library lets you designate individuals to pick up your holds and/or to borrow materials on your behalf, at your request. These individuals will need to have access to some of your information.

● In the case of a valid order, subpoena, or warrant, the library may be required to share your information with the relevant authorities. No confidential information on library patrons will be revealed without presentation of a subpoena or search warrant.