Photography and Video Policy

The Forbes Library reserves the right to utilize photographs or video taken at the library for publicity purposes in printed materials and online. These photographs may appear in future Library publications or other Library publicity. Attendees and/or participants consent to having their photograph taken and used for such purposes. If a library patron does not wish himself/herself or his/her child to be photographed, the patron must notify the Library staff to that effect. No names will be utilized in conjunction with photos/video without express written consent.

In keeping with the Library’s mission to provide library services to the community, please observe the following rules regarding photographing and filming in the library.

Casual, amateur photography is permitted as long as it does not interfere with library operations, staff or patrons. With this in mind:

  1. Please do not use flash equipment.
  2. Please do not use equipment that obstructs passageways or causes disturbances to Library users.
  3. Photographs, video or audio recordings of members of the public, or members of the Library staff on duty are prohibited.
  4. Photographs, video or audio recordings of programs, copyrighted art on display, or materials in the Library’s collections are prohibited.
  5. No commercial photography: Library buildings may not be used as setting for advertisements, or for any photographs, video or audio recordings which will be used for commercial purposes.
  6. News Media photography or video: The Library welcomes news media for stories or projects that directly involve the library and its programs. Please obtain advance authorization for such projects by contacting the Director or Assistant Director at 587-1016 or 587-1017.
  7. Nonprofit, academic or research projects: Please ask for authorization in advance in order to avoid disruption to library operations.
  8. Right to Terminate: The Library reserves the right to terminate or restrict any photography or filming that causes an undue disturbance, violates library policy or regulation, endangers the health or safety of patrons or staff or violates any local ordinance, or state or federal law.

Approved by Board of Trustees 7/27/2016.