Forbes Library permits patrons to connect their own equipment to the Internet via wireless networks. The library’s wireless networks are unencrypted. Data transmitted on unencrypted networks can be monitored or recorded and connected devices may be vulnerable to security attacks. Patrons using the library’s networks accept this risk and Forbes Library accepts no responsibility for damage or loss resulting from use of its networks.

By choosing to use this free wireless service you agree to abide by the Library’s Internet Use Policy. In particular, you agree to use the library’s network resources only for lawful purposes.

Prohibited uses include:

  1. Using the Internet for illegal purposes
  2. Using the Internet in violation of the Massachusetts General Law 272 Section 31, the Harmful to Minors statute
  3. Unauthorized copying of copyright-protected material in any format
  4. Transmission of spam or junk mail of any type
  5. Transmission of threatening, harassing, defamatory or obscene materials
  6. Unauthorized access to remote computer systems
  7. Destruction of, damage to, or alteration of library equipment, software, or network security

Computers using the Library’s Internet connection are located in public areas, which must be shared by Library users of all ages and backgrounds. Accessing disruptive material and images, including pornography, is therefore prohibited.

The Library will take appropriate action against anyone violating any portion of this policy.

Appropriate actions may include:

  1. Asking individuals to discontinue their display of disruptive content
  2. Revoking a patron’s Library privileges
  3. Prohibiting and/or quarantining patron-owned equipment from accessing the network
  4. Notifying law enforcement of illegal activity

Some devices may not be compatible with the library’s network. Patrons who have difficulty connecting or experience poor connections are encouraged to seek help at the reference desk, but library staff are not responsible for troubleshooting patron’s devices.

Approved by Board of Trustees 2/24/2014.