Photograph and image collections

Overview of Collections of Northampton Area Photographs (8 page PDF)
The Northampton Area Photographs collection is broken down into a number of named series, listed here. Please note that we have many photographs of the Northampton area, such as those in the Gazette Negatives, which are not considered part of this collection and do not appear in this list!
Street Index to Northampton Photographs (14 page PDF)
A partial list of images in the Northampton Photograph collection, entered by street address. Most of the photographs in this list date from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Subject Index to Northampton Photographs (67 page PDF)
An incomplete subject index to the Northampton Photographs collection.
Portrait Index to Northampton Photographs (106 page PDF)
An incomplete to the portraits found in the Northampton Photographs collection. Alphabetical by last name.
Browsing Guide to Northampton Photographs (5 page PDF)
A brief description of the Northampton section of the Northampton Area Photographs Collection, by box and folder.
Walter Corbin Collection (22 page PDF)
A finding aid to our collection of photographs, maps, scrapbooks, writings, and other materials by photographer Walter Corbin.
Robert P. Emrick Collection
A finding aid to our collection of books, albums, and photographs by Robert Emrick.
Elbridge Kingsley Collection (3 page PDF)
A finding aid to our collection of paintings, prints, engraving, photographs, and other visual materials from Elbridge Kingsley’s own collection, including both his own work and works by others.
List of Stereoscopes and Postcards (13 page PDF)

Documents, objects and other collections

Arts, Independent, Counterculture, and Underground Press Collections (21 pages PDF)
Forbes Library actively collects publications from 1960-present on the subjects of arts, music, politics, civil rights, activism, and countercultural movements. Collections were donated by individuals, some of whom were involved in their publication. (1967-2010)
Breast Form Fund Collection Finding Aid (8 pages PDF)
The Breast Form Fund (1994-2013) raised funds for prostheses for post-mastectomy women and raised awareness about breast cancer, through the Show Us Your Bra! art auctions and calendars. The collection includes papers, calendars and 37 artistic works.