Image Reproduction Fee Schedule

Fees as of September 2010
Each ScanUp to 600 DPI$10
Each CDStandard quality CD$5
Prints up to 8.5″ x 11″Printed on Epson 2200 Photo Printer$5
Prints over 8.5″ x 11″Up to 13″ on one axis$10
Research over one half-hourFirst half-hour of research is included in basic fees$20 per hour
Postage and handlingFor material sent via USPS$5


Standard 2-week turn around time. Patrons are encouraged to specify scan DPI, output file type and color or gray scale scanning if you want something different from the standard. If not specified, standard scan is in RGB for color images, or grayscale for B/W images. Default output is a TIFF file at 300 DPI, or 600 DPI for smaller negatives. All prints are on acid-free papers with archival inks. Output CDs are provided by Forbes Library. Forbes staff will strive to produce the most faithful reproduction possible.

Please be advised that reproduction and scan quality are limited by the condition of the original image. Forbes may designate an alternate image reproduction service supplier as needed. Patrons may not operate library equipment or take photographs of library materials without advance written permission.

All above fees are independent of licensing and use fees and cover only the physical reproduction of images. All library services must be paid in advance.