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Collaborations by Ravi Shankar & George Harrison []



George Harrison was first wowed by the sitar, a traditional Indian stringed instrument, on the set of the Beatles film Help!.  The young pop star was intrigued and transfixed by the music he heard.  He later went out and bought his own sitar at a shop in London and found his way round the neck enough to dub a part onto “Norwegian Wood” on the Rubber Soul album.  Harrison then wanted to go beyond his rudimentary plucking on the instrument and properly learn.  Well, why not get lessons from the master Ravi Shankar?
The two studied together in Los Angeles, California and later in India.  Though the Beatle did not pursue a career with the sitar after discovering the amount of years, intense training and discipline it takes to play classical Indian music, he and Shankar became life long friends.  This boxed set Collaborations celebrates the two musicians’ friendship, spiritual connection and recorded musical partnerships.  Harrison was involved as a producer (and sometimes a musician) on three of Shankar’s albums ranging from 1974-1997 and they all appear here along with a live concert dvd and a beautiful hardcover book.

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