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Man Ray in Paris by Erin C. Garcia []



We’ve recently been hit with a steady current of material spotlighting Americans residing among the Parisians in the 1920’s. Several fantastic books on the subject have been published this year along with the opening of Woody Allen’s new comedy Midnight in Paris.

Paris in the 1920’s was a creative haven for many artists, critics, filmmakers and writers. Man Ray, who would not wish to be simply classified as a photographer (he considered himself a painter who also took photographs, made films and worked with sculpture and collage), came to France in 1921 and produced some of his most revered photographic work. Basing much of his craft on experimentation and dreamlike imagery, he aligned himself with artists in the Dada and Surrealist movements. In Erin C. Garcia’s book, we see portraits of Man Ray’s colleagues which include Jean Cocteau, Hans Arp, Salvador Dalí and Marcel Duchamp.

Man Ray in Paris provides many stunning photographic plates and also chronicles the artist’s stay in the City of Light.

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