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Snockgrass by Michael Hurley []



Fact: Michael Hurley (a.k.a. “Snock”) is a drastically, under-appreciated American folk singer.  With a voice reminiscent of Hank Williams and a songwriting style rooted in country & western, bluegrass and the blues, Hurley has been issuing stellar material since the early 1960’s.  Recent years have seen a new appreciation for the musician.  Artists such as Vetiver, Lucinda Williams, Cat Power and Matloaf have cited Hurley as an influence.

1980’s Snockgrass (album not pictured here due to singer’s risque cover painting) is classic Michael Hurley.  There’s plenty of swinging numbers, reflective waltzes, weirdo lyrics and country-fried boogies with the mood volleying from serious to sardonic to silly.  “The Midnight Rounder”, “O My Stars” and “Watchin’ the Show” are excellent starting places for someone just beginning their Snock obsession.

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