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The Ditty Bops by The Ditty Bops []



I enjoyed this band so much the first time I heard them (live, at Pearl Street) that I bought five copies of their self-titled album; I kept one copy for myself and gave the rest as Christmas gifts. This is fun music. Amanda Barret and Abby DeWald excel at quirky lyrics and tight vocal harmonies, and these two very competent musicians (in addition to their fine singing Abby plays guitar and Amanda plays mandolin and dulcimer) are backed up by an excellent band that really knows how to swing. They play in a variety of styles; swing, blues, and ragtime are among their more obvious influences.
I love the sound of this album, but I also love the words to many of the songs. The lyrics can change from nonsensical, to mundane, to profound all in the course of a song, and a song like “Walk or Ride” does all of these while addressing an issue that is dear to my heart.