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The Illusionist by Sylvain Chomet []



The Triplets of Belleville animator/director takes on an unrealized script of the late French comedian, writer and director Jacques Tati in the Illusionist. This remarkable, melancholic film features an animated Tati in the role of the magician named Tatcischeff (Tati’s actual last name) at a time when vaudeville performances are beginning to become a passé form of entertainment.

On a trip to Scotland for an appearance, Tatcischeff meets a young girl who winds up following him to London. The magician takes her under his care and winds up going broke funding her desire for expensive clothing. The two also come into contact with several eccentric and delightful characters surrounding the changing 1960’s entertainment industry.

What we have in the Illusionist is a funny, elegant and moving film which marries the essence of Jacques Tati’s brilliance and the stylish animation of Sylvain Chomet.

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