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They Drown Our Daughters by Katrina Monroe []



In the shadow of an old lighthouse on the Pacific coast, seven generations of women have each been affected by a family curse in their own way. They are drawn to and terrified of the ocean, the source of heartbreak and tragedy for women of their line. Meredith Strand, who fled to the east coast as a young woman, returns home to Cape Disappointment with her daughter Alice in tow, seeking refuge from her impending divorce. Meredith’s mother Judith struggles with memory as her belief in the curse seems to govern her life and choices. When Judith is taken by the sea and Alice disappears, Meredith must face a mysterious adversary to rescue her daughter and break the curse’s pattern of misfortune for both of them and the future of their family. More than a century of loss related by narrators from different generations, combined with a malevolent ghost, give this gothic read plenty of appeal for horror fans, while the family drama will compel readers of women’s fiction.

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