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Walk Away Renée/ Pretty Ballerina by The Left Banke []



Fans of The Zombies, The Free Design or The Hollies will most likely enjoy the soft, baroque sounds of The Left Banke.  Though the two hits that divide up the album’s title are the obvious stand outs, the entire recording is a strong set of 1960’s magic. The arrangements throughout are harmonically sophisticated and borrow heavily from classical music.
This New York quintet sounds decidedly British and I’d liken Steve Martin Caro’s voice to The Zombies frontman, Colin Blunstone.  Both singers have a perfect, gentle tenor with unbelievable range.  Martin Caro and many members of the group share songwriting and lead vocal duties.  Michael Brown, then a teenager, is responsible for the hits on the record.  He managed to compose music that blends youthful angst and longing with haunting melodies.
Other highlights include “I’ve Got Something On My Mind” and “Shadows Breaking Over My Head”, which come close to rivaling the title tracks.

I give this Left Banke album an A+++, eighteen stars, two thumbs up and three golden tickets.