The Accessibility Advisory Board advises Forbes Library on how to improve its services by making them more accessible. Forbes Library believes improved accessibility makes the library better for all its patrons and that the voices of local disability and accessibility experts and community members with disabilities must inform library policies and practices. The committee operates independently from and provides guidance, advice, insight and feedback to library management.


  1. Advisory Board Meetings
    1. The Advisory Board meets 3 times per year. 
    2. Meeting times will be set in consultation with attendees and announced no less than one week in advance.
    3. Advisory Board meetings are open to anyone who would like to join. Participation in the Accessibility Advisory Board is fluid–Forbes Library recognizes that some participants may only attend a few meetings and that all present equally have the right to participate.
    4. There shall be two co-chairs of the Advisory Board:
      • One shall be a library employee, selected by library management.
      • The other shall be a community volunteer, approved by the membership.
    5. Meetings will be offered in a hybrid format allowing both in person and remote participation whenever possible.
  2. Library and Participant Responsibilities
    1. Forbes Library will:
      1. Provide staff to take and record meeting minutes.
      2. Post announcements of meetings:
        • via the Accessibility Advisory Board email list
        • on the library’s event calendar
        • on a bulletin board at the library
      3. Share meeting minutes:
        • via the Accessibility Advisory Board email list
        • on the library website
        • in printed form, upon request
      4. Work collaboratively with the Advisory Board to fulfill its charge.
      5. Provide meeting space and technical support.
    2. Co-Chairs will
      1. Schedule or cancel meetings, set the agenda for meetings, preside over meetings, and coordinate between participants and library staff when necessary.
      2. Draft recommendations to be sent to the library management, in consultation with participants.
      3. Form committees as needed, including ad hoc committees to work with library staff to address specific areas of concern.
      4. Seek out new participants, making a special effort to recruit people with disabilities.
    3. All participants will:
      1. Be punctual and plan to stay for the entire meeting whenever possible.
      2. Communicate openly and directly.
      3. Be courteous, listen attentively, and be respectful of other points of view.
  3. Compensation
    1. Meeting attendees (excluding employees or Trustees of the Forbes) may choose to receive a $40 stipend for each meeting attended.