The Forbes Library Accessibility Advisory Board is made up of local disability and accessibility experts and community members with disabilities. The board meets approximately every four months. (Three times a year.) Anyone may take part in advisory board meetings. The board advises the library on how to improve its services by making them more accessible.

The Forbes Library Accessibility Advisory Board was known as the Forbes Library Disability Advisory Board until September 2022 when the board decided to change the name.

On May 24, 2023 the Advisory Board approved the Accessibility Advisory Board Charge and Procedures to formalize the structure of the advisory board and it’s relationship with the library.

Mailing List

The Accessibility Advisory Board has a mailing list. To join, send an email to


Please direct questions about the advisory board to


  • Benjamin Kalish, Chair
  • Dorothy Baker
  • Robert Baran
  • Barbara Black
  • Rick Ely
  • Anne Gancarz
  • Gilad Meron
  • MaryJo Stanley

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Wed May 22nd at 4pm. All are welcome to attend. This will be a hybrid meeting: those wishing to join us in person can do so in the Director’s Office and those wish to join us online should register via the event listing.

Agendas and Minutes

2024-05-22 Agenda
2024-01-12 Agenda2024-01-12 Minutes
2023-05-24 Agenda2023-05-24 Minutes
2023-01-25 Agenda2023-01-25 Minutes
2022-09-28 Agenda2022-09-28 Minutes
2022-05-18 Agenda2022-05-18 Minutes
2021-11-04 Agenda2021-11-04 Minutes
2021-07-15 Agenda2021-07-15 Minutes
2021-03-19 Agenda2021-03-19 Minutes
2020-01-23 Agenda2020-01-23 Minutes
2019-09-25 Agenda2019-09-25 Minutes
2019-05-03 Agenda2019-05-03 Minutes
2019-01-18 Agenda2019-01-18 Minutes
2018-09-26 Agenda2018-09-26 Minutes
2018-05-25 Agenda2018-05-25 Minutes
2016-03-31 Minutes
Agenda 2015-07-132015-07-13 Minutes