Forbes Library Disability Advisory Board

Fri May 3 2019

3:00 PM

  1. Announcements
    1. New library hours (Lisa)
    2. Update on facilities projects (Lisa)
    3. Thank you and congratulations for the success of our Going Blind events (Ben)
    4. Update on Accessibility Focus attendance (Ben)
    5. Staff Accessibility Committee and all staff meeting (Ben)
  2. New additions to Accessibility Focus series (Ben)
    1. Some possibilities are films, book discussions, and forums
  3. Assistive Technology Fair (Lisa)
  4. Cooley Dickinson’s Community Benefit Advisory Council (Lisa)
  5. Discussion of audio induction loop systems (MaryJo)
  6. App demonstration: Live CC (MaryJo)
  7. Discussion, brainstorming, etc.