The Daily Hampshire Gazette has covered Northampton area news since 1786. You can find full-text articles on local news, issues, events, people and much more from current and archived issues of Daily Hampshire Gazette via Newsbank. Newsbank is a news database designed for researchers. Content is updated daily and includes editorials, announcements, and other local content from the Gazette going back to January 3, 1994.

Coverage for 2023 is currently incomplete due to changes at the Gazette.

Provided by Forbes Library and available remotely to Northampton residents with a CW MARS card. Want help using this resource? Contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is and isn’t included?
Included: The text of local news articles, editorials, announcements, and other local content created by the Gazette.
Not Included: Syndicated content including content from news agencies like the AP, letters and guest columns for which the Gazette doesn’t have the right to distribute online, many obituaries and death notices, advertisements and other paid listings, content from other Gazette Publications like The Advocate, and images of any kind.
Some issues appear to be missing—where are they?
Coverage begins in January 1994 and there is a known gap from January 2005 to April 2005. Other than that Newsbank should have each issue that was published, but gaps sometimes arise due to miscommunication between the Publisher and Newsbank. If you notice a gap, please let us know.
Where can I reliably find the obituaries and death notices that appeared in the Gazette?
America’s Obituaries and Death Notices includes the Gazette from 1994 onward and can easily search by the name of the deceased.
If you are looking an obituary from before 1994 it can be found on microfilm.
Where can I find content like advertisements, syndicated content, and guest columns that isn’t available in the database?
Forbes Library has the entire run of the Gazette on microfilm.
How can I get high-quality reproductions of photos from the Gazette?
For 1954-2004 Forbes Library has many original photographer’s negatives from Gazette reporters from in our Special Collections. For newer content please contact the Gazette directly.
Are there indexes to issues before 1994?
Yes! The Works Progress Administration produced excellent indexes that cover the Gazette 1786-1937. You can find these pre-1938 indexes online via And we have indexes for 1950–1994 in the library.
How can I learn more?
Please get in touch with us at