Holds and Interlibrary Loan

Library patrons may place holds through the CW MARS Catalog or by calling 413-587-1012.

CW MARS provides guides for using the online catalog. For additional assistance, please contact us.

If the requested item is not available in CW MARS, patrons can request materials through the Commonwealth Catalog.

To request materials not found in the CW MARS Catalog or the Commonwealth Catalog, you can fill in the Holds Request Form.


How long does the library hold requested items for pickup?
We hold requested items for one week. This cannot be extended.
How will I know when requested items are ready for pick-up?
We will send you an email when your items arrive. You may also check on the status of your hold whenever the library is open, either in person or by calling 413-587-1012.
How many requests may I have at one time?
You may have 20 CW MARS requests at one time.
Can someone else pick up my holds?
Yes, but they must have picture ID and your prior authorization. Your holds will still be checked out to your account.
You may authorize people in person, or by phone, email or letter.
If you have a disability that makes visiting the library difficult you may authorize someone to use your card on your behalf, generally. Please see our page on proxy borrowers.
Who can place requests at Forbes library?
Anyone with a CW MARS library card may place requests at Forbes library.