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Staff Picks Category: Modern art

Art 21 []



The Forbes DVD collection is impressive to say the least. One of my favorite sections is the Art documentaries that I regularly check to increase my knowledge and for inspiration. Being an avid reader of art in general and artists biographies in particular, I looked at the DVD ‘s for some visual candy.
I checked out Art 21: art in the twenty-first century, seasons 1&2 originally aired on PBS. The artists are grouped loosely according to themes (i.e. Place, Spirituality, Identity and Consumption) and shows them discussing their work, themes, and working styles. Being able to see how an artist created a work I was familiar with or discovering a new artist really kept my attention, led me to find books and other materials on a few artists and in some cases provided inspiration and a little push to work on my own projects. Naturally I didn’t like all the works, came away with favorites – Kara Walker, Collier Schorr, Vija Celmins – and found that it definitely was time well spent watching the artists that I didn’t particularly like or yet don’t understand.

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